A new kindergarten opened in Pskov

September 2 Zarechnoe district Great Bow opened a new kindergarten.

  "Discovery of a new kindergarten, we give a symbolic start to prepare for the upcoming anniversary of the beautiful city of Great Luke," — said in his speech, the Acting First Deputy Governor of the Pskov region Faith Emelyanov, present at the ceremony.

She noted that the construction of the new children's garden includes, among other activities in the preparation of the plan and hoped that soon the plan will be supported at the highest national level.

On behalf of the Governor of the Pskov Region Andrei Turchak she congratulated all the new school year. "This year, the School of the Pskov region received more than 60,000 students, and are pleased that more and more becomes the first graders. The task of the municipal and regional authorities — to create additional pre-school places and fruitful cooperation in this field allows us to see such excellent nurseries, like this "- she said.

The Deputy Governor also expressed gratitude to the leadership of the city and the contractor for quality work that allowed to pass the object to the Day of Knowledge.

"Over the past years, the city has successfully implemented a long-term target program for the development of pre-school education — said in his address to the first deputy mayor Sergei Gusev. — One of the most significant of its outcome was the elimination of queues in kindergartens for children from three years old. But the birth rate in the city is growing, and that means that we have to work for the future, creating the conditions for the full development of the kids, so that their parents can go to work. The opening of the new children's garden, which we are witnessing today, will solve this problem for the residents of Zarechny district. I am particularly pleased that the building is completely renovated, equipped with modern equipment. This is the result of a major collaboration of city leaders, city council members Luki with the great support of the Pskov regional administration led by Governor A. Turchak. "

"I want to congratulate all of today's holiday, but especially small velikoluchan that will make the first steps into adulthood in such a wonderful kindergarten — new, with nice furniture, nice toys," — said in his opening remarks, Acting Head of the city administration Victor Kamensky. He thanked the builders and the staff of the kindergarten for the preparation of pre-school kids to the reception and wished the children good humor and delight parents and grandparents with their success.

After the ceremonial cutting of the red ribbon symbolizing the opening of the new children's garden, guests attended the gala concert prepared by the pupils and staff of the kindergarten.

In a renovated building on the street. Rosa Luxemburg second building will house kindergarten number 27. There are three groups for 65 spaces. The reconstruction was performed as part of the long-term target program "Development of pre-school education in Great Luke for 2010-2014" and financed from the regional and municipal budgets.

Recall also that day openedNew pre-school department at the school number 17, it will visit 20 children aged six years. These works were carried out in the framework of the regional long-term target program "Development of the educational system in the Pskov region in 2012-2014."

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