A new kindergarten opened in Yamal

August 28, threw open its doors to young people of Yamal kindergarten "Brusnichka" in s. Beloyarsk the Ural region of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.

The new building of a kindergarten for 120 places, two-story building area is 2497 square meters. The total area of the kindergarten 12,000 square meters, which are equipped with 6 group recreational areas with small architectural forms and two playgrounds.

"In the next few years on the Yamal we will open more than 30 new kindergartens. All of them will be the most modern and comfortable for travel and education of our children. For Beloyarsk this kindergarten — a real holiday, it is for me. Now all children are provided with the settlement places. This is the main priority, designated by the President, and it is expected Yamal parents. I can see how the mood of the residents. All the more gratifying that the Ural region has growth prospects in everything, including demographics"— said Dmitry Kobylkin .

 The kindergarten is located 6 group rooms, a medical unit (2 insulator), the catering department, equipped with modern equipment, laundry. Also for young Beloyartsev prepared 3 walking veranda, art studio, offices choreography, speech therapist, psychologist, language, music and gymnastic halls, computer room and a conservatory.

Security will provide security post with indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras at 12. For kids with limited mobility are equipped with: a ramp, color coding on the doors and stairwells, elevator.

As a gift from the Governor of the District kindergarten got an interactive table. The head of the district passed to equip music hall multimedia and audio equipment. Response District Governor presented gifts to heads of large families of the village and parents whose children have already gone to kindergarten.

Kindergarten Kindergarten "Brusnichka"Will be visiting the children at the age from 2 to 7 years, mainly from families of Indigenous Peoples of the North. The first groups have already begun to exercise the offices of the native language. For the health of inmates of institutions provides a menu with herbal tea and vitamin cocktails.

Today, during his visit to the village head of the region Beloyarsk check availability and quality of equipment Beloyarsk boarding school, where already begun to bring the first group of nomadic children.

To all educational institutions of the village Beloyarsk today launched the heat input.

Note that only in the region to the beginning of the school year will open four new educational establishments in Nadym, Shuryshkar and Pur areas.

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