A new line for the production of modern radiators launched in Izhevsk

As of November 10 THREADS "Progress" held a grand launching ceremony of the second automatic welding production line of radiators PRADO.

The release of steel panel radiators THREAD "Progress" has been since 2005, and thanks to its high quality, the products of the Institute has spread throughout Russia. Existing production could not meet the growing demand, and the company decided to expand its second line. With this volume of production will increase to 33 thousand units per month, will open 80 new jobs and an annual tax payments to the state budget of the Institute will grow by another 3.6 million rubles.

The unique production technology was developed by radiators THREAD "Progress". The main differences izhevskoy heating system is the high level of energy efficiency, and (they are suitable for heating systems of "smart home"), as well as the ability to quickly release heat, and heat the room. Trademark «PRADO» became famous and in demand all over Russia. And radiators Izhevsk production in high demand and successfully compete in the markets of the country's most capricious — in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Today «PRADO» included in many federal and regional building program in Udmurtia, Tatarstan, and products are delivered to Krasnodar, Samara, Stavropol, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Saratov, and many other cities. Only in the last year of THREADS "Progress" issued 210,000 radiators, moving their production on a continuous schedule. Also in 2010 was released half a million radiator.

"With the launch of the second automatic welding line we increase the capacity nearly doubled — said at the opening ceremony of the Director-General of THREADS" Progress "Andrei Zorin. — Creating an innovative product, we wanted to make sure that it was perfect in terms of quality. And that we did it! At the most competitive markets, our products are feeling very confident, and the bulk of sales come from the metropolitan areas. With the support of leadership Udmurtia our company introduces new production capacity. And what we have done is a great and beautiful victory of our team, a shining example and experience, which should be a shining example and experience, which should seek all the industrial enterprises of the republic. "

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