A new road bridge over the river Sochi has been tested

A new road bridge over the river Sochi, which will link II and Phase III "The alternate Holiday Avenue", July 31, 2013 tested for strength. For this bridge was subjected to a six-hour test, it loaded the 12-car total weight of 240 tons. The tests were successful.

Customer:PKU "Directorate for the construction and reconstruction of highways Black Sea coast of the Federal Road Agency."
Chief designer:JSC "Institute" Stroiproekt. "
Contractor:JSC "Volgomost."

As theChief Engineer Mostootryad number 131 of "Volgomost" Sergei Bychkovskiy:

"The main purpose of the tests — definition of technical compliance with the stated requirements — bearing capacity of the bridge spans."


From the side of a housing estate on the bridge installed noise barriers of transparent materials (triplex).

For pedestrians on the lower level built separate bridge, which is equipped with ramps and will meet all the requirements for the organization of a barrier-free environment accessible to people with limited mobility and people with disabilities.

Currently underway landscaping of the adjacent territory: the lower the level of sanitation systems are installed, the device is sidewalks.

Now residents and guests of the resort to go to the other side of the river Sochi forced to climb the stairs to the existing railway bridge.

The authors have given a new way of constructing a suspension bridge, through the installation of the suspension towers of light arched metal pylons, which in the plane of the axis of the main bridge is fixed rope.

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According to official information DSD "Black Sea", completed the main construction works, is the final finish, held static and dynamic testing facility — Federal Bridge road workers prepare for commissioning.

"Without a doubt, the new bridge as part of the federal understudy Spa prospect not only fully functional, but will rightfully take its rightful place in the list of the most beautiful buildings of the transport infrastructure of the Olympic capital", — stressed in the press service of the Directorate.

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