A new utility vehicles received in 5 regions

In the fire departments of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Republic of Mordovia, according to the Plan of distribution vehicles territorial bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the framework of the additional funding received three fire engines on the basis of KAMAZ trucks for a total of more than 12 million rubles.

Keys to the 20 SUVs presented by Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Rostov Region Governor Vyacheslav Vasilenko veterinarians cities and districts of the region. 


"Such a mass transfer of technology for the veterinary service was not. But this is not the last purchase, as we typeset the budget for next year. Now need feedback from professionals — work, prevention, monitoring," — said Vladimir Vasilenko.

In addition, he noted that funds in the amount of 9,000,000 rubles for the purchase of off-road vehicles "Field" were identified by order of the Governor of Rostov Region Vasily Golubev.

Also at the level of governments in the region, it was decided to allocate more than 4 million rubles for the purchase of equipment for the diagnosis and monitoring of African swine fever.

The administration of Ulyanovsk has acquired new equipment for the maintenance of the urban road network — 14 pieces of equipment transferred to the administration of MUP "City Center landscaping Ulyanovsk."


For the city park road equipment purchased 8 tractors "Belarus-82.1" with attachments, 3 tractors "Belarus-320", 1 mini-Bobcat tractor with implements and two hook-watering barrels (for watering green areas).

Fire trucks passed the firehouse Chusky and Taishet areas during his visit the Minister of Property Relations of the Irkutsk region of Anton Protasova in Taishet district.

Anton Protasov said that in the long-term target program "Fire Safety Irkutsk Region 2011 — 2013 years" acquired two fire-terrain vehicles for fire protection of the village and township Lesogorsk Biryusinsk, the cost of cars is 6.3 million.

At present, the Government of the Irkutsk region bought 4 more fire trucks for fire departments Angara, during the year will be purchased an additional 5 cars.


Penza has purchased new equipment for waste removal

Six heavy-duty trucks are designed for the collection and transportation of solid waste

Since the beginning of 2013 at their own expense the city "Management improvement and cleaning" acquired on lease 6 new heavy garbage trucks on chassis KAMAZ with Italian settings «FARID», designed for the collection and transportation of solid waste.

— This technique is quieter engines Euro-3 standard. In addition, it is equipped with a tracking system, GPS-DVRs, tachographs, as well as a video camera for safe reversing, — said General Director of "management improvement and cleaning" Sergei Koreysha.


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