A new world is born

Tradition, of course, we can not form a full-fledged company. And it's not what you need to organize any party or movement.

Now fundamentally different goals.

Yes, the world in which we will make in this life, through a phase of collapse, dismantling, movement to a global selection within each person, etc.

You can call it the Iron Age of Kali, Svarog night or last time — it does not matter at all.

Such is the era, such a planet has got in this lifetime. The planet, by the way, is not a list of the sacred. The world is not the bottom, of course, but the demigods do not live here.
This world through their evolution, we have integrated it in our dense animal alter ego. And in some ways promote the evolution of planetary consciousness.
Strongly here too should not deceive ourselves about their role — it is not as great as it seems.

And in general, it does not require us to do in this world is a paradise. Just because the world is not designed for this. Here is more coarse vibrations, and less perfection.

We are inevitably going to see now how to manifest people with faces like snakes, with eyes sparkling, though, but cold. How to bring them into the world of vibration war, division and violence.

As they don then utter something in uniform and with a purse full of the sale of the motherland.

They can say what you like, pretend that the Liberals, the patriots, the religious fanatics, the enterprising merchants. They lie so familiar and frankly, we can not even catch them in a lie. Because they lie and rape is as natural as breathing.
Total lie, and the collapse of the substitution, manipulation in the splendor of high tsennstey — that they effectively and loudly more than once offered us a treat this age.

Eat it and get poisoned — probably even good for us — to develop faster start, though life is shorter but more reincarnations and likely to rise in the evolution of the planets more subtle.

So in this world burst vibration lower, rough plan and creatures from the lower floors of the universe are able to live together with us in human bodies in the same street as us.

The only difference is that we are here, some souls here have gone, and some — just come. At times nynenshie gates between planes of existence is almost closed.

And it seems that the man who is now consciously immersed in the study of the tradition, must clearly for yourself to understand that in this lifetime we are not destined to create a social system, the images of which are now in the movement.

Because, in this era of social embodiment, any attempt of lost ideals Tradition — inevitably sale and profanation of each word, syllable and pitch.

Because we did not say that now everything will be resold and re-pledge of a pseudo creative directors of corporations. This is their world and time, and then they play at home. Let frolic.

We have other problems now.

"We" — that is, the people who ideals traditions are becoming more and more similar. This, of course, a process in which a lot of people involved gradually. And there's a lot neofitstva, impatience, expectations that right, now, soon it will all happen.

However, this type of today's civilization must collapse, should give way to the era before the ideals of tradition will form a new social order.

We are the ones who are now aware of itself as an extremely significant.

We do not interrupt the media line of succession from the ancient clans once appeared on the planet race Magi.

This is important — the Slavs really not race warriors, not merchants, and serfs.

Yes, all of these areas naturally exist in the body of race, but the original purpose of the pole came down with our white blue eyed ancestors was different — praising the light and carry it to all the other races.

So — eternity — our main job.

The truth is that we are really too out of this world, too tied to the spiritual in our homeland, the memory of which is the engine of our incarnation here. Our only meaning and justification of existence here and now.

Although, of course, looking at the present our being, to the decline of which we have arrived, why have become despondent. Discouragement is the result of a loss of connection with their essence, with the Tree Tradition.

But even the slightest touch of man to a life-giving roots family tree makes upgrades and recreated in us and our children the great images of the right living arrangement in which only we are adapted to live like human beings.

Awareness of its membership and mission of creating a pledge of other incarnations, forms an intention of the soul, enhances the attraction to good sustainable world order.

This is a lot of work — to create in his mind right intention, right way of being in which we can get a different experience harmony arrangement.
Goddess Rozhanitsy already hatched in the womb of our images of her.

We're all working hard to address this in a barely flickering image of the future world, to see in him the family, the house, the kind in which we want to live.

We did not quite understand is — as it is really important — to live right, according to the experience of the Tradition.
We learn quickly and, as customary in the world, often on their own heavy errors.

Our task is very simple — at least not to interrupt our birth, at least to create almost lost the mechanism of knowledge transfer to our children.

This is something that will revive the family tree, create the possibility of continuing reincarnation within the genus.

What we now form the basis of the formation of life of our families and become more energy that will form the world of our next incarnation.

And if our intentions are correct, then we have the opportunity of self-development is in the best worlds.

Our grandchildren will take us small and screaming and calm us in the warmth of the mother earth, to whom the world is pregnant now our home and eternal faith.


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