A shock of the right in the state of our ancestors

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Why, no matter who comes to power (through its seizure or "fair" elections), after a while it becomes a cad, corrupt and generally the enemy of the people? The first step is surrounding himself with the protection, flashing lights, makes the laws, sanctify all their actions and to indemnify and hold — and seize, seize, seize … not afraid of any people on earth, no God in heaven.

In this Power of our ancestors could not be in accordance with the principles of the Vedas. The system of people's lives in the form of power is in harmony with nature, because it rests not on the person, not the emperor, and the Tradition, Vishny law and conscience of people. Power Russia (country Gardariki — Cities) — thousands of cities with surrounding villages, where every important question was decided in the Chamber direct democracy. Of this ancient tradition, modern "democrats" a circus: every four — five years sharps offer "well-respected public" guess at one time, "where is the truth."

According to the precepts of ARQ state — it is a social organism, managed as a natural organism (eg, human) in two hemispheres: the left (in modern terms, "politicians") and right (wise men, was responsible for the truth). Our ancestors Slavs were much smarter than us. Are you surprised cry Slavs: "Come to reign"? We are too. Ancestors considered "not lordly thing — reign (konyazhit — ed. Sociologist)!" And all power belongs to the people (the Magi). And when the prince slept like a Brezhnev or drinking Yeltsin to address the Magi it was sacrificed to the nearest holiday.

Until officials will not mortally afraid of the Magi, feeling like a frying pan, their any "beech-books" will not catch. And people should always be able to "give them a sopatke"!

Copa — Old Slavic meeting.
Copa — Old Slavic collection Shodotaev. The meaning of "Cop" can be identified from the words: a crowd, set the assembly, shock, dig down (to the truth), etc. The custom of cops for a long time kept the Russian soldiers — Cossacks. Today this tradition is manifested in part in the Cossack Circle.

Cops for Slav opinion was top spiritual and moral values. Russian people said, "Worldly fame is strong", "Peace sing, so the stone will crack", "With the world can not argue," "In the world, and the court is not", "Peace is strong and invincible," "What the world order, then God will judge" "What the world should be, so be it."

In Kopa were four to nine nearby villages Shodotai that collected in a special place — "a place." Hence the name of the chief of the village — a place, Misty. Over time, a place developed into the city, which reserves the right to a mop, and the inhabitants were called commoners. Most of the old city has grown from the Kop but the border that once built as a fortress.

Cops number ranged from 100 to 300. The cop was going to one of the villages in the community gathering place called KOPovische, KOPische, temples. Are addressing the issues and other things in the open. Usually took place in the Sacred Forest with natural or artificial mound hill. Nearby were a spring, river, lake or pond. Kopovesche was a favorite place to cope folk festivals — Carnival, Kolyada, swimming and others.

The cop was going to meetings, that is, at the Chamber (hence the word — a prophetic, broadcast, inform). Voting rights in the Copa used only householders who had permanent sedentarization. They were the elders of the family — Heads delivery. They are called Shodotai, judges sheaves, Community Men. The brothers, who had no individual farms, the children and women had the right to vote and were only on the specific request of cops for evidence.

The elders were present at the Copa. The elders were not skhodotayami, they had no right to vote at the Copa, but their advice can play a crucial role. Opinion Elders asked in cases where it was necessary to impose a sentence on the basis of ancient solutions cops. Elders also strictly enforce the customs of their ancestors.

Chamber to Cope was both studies, and experience to the study of law. Sacred position shock of the right to maintain in memory Shodotaev and passed from generation to generation.

Cope to coordinate all aspects of life in the village, including the beginning and end of the agricultural work, hay, repairing roads, cleaning of wells, hiring shepherds and watchmen, penalties for unauthorized felling of forests, disturbing public bans, raising money for public spending settlement, the layout of taxes, elections , issues of forest use, dam construction, the completion of public resources in the event of natural disasters, famine, and more.

Cop found and pursued criminals judged and punished them, afford a reward for the capture. If the case was a criminal, the Copa led "questioning", establishes the "face" of the criminal (hence — "evidence"). Cope encouraged to pardon the offender, and the sincere remorse nationwide criminal. Be sure to take into account the forgiveness mortally wounded and his last will. Court cases dealt with conscience, trying to persuade the dispute to conciliation.

Cops solutions implemented by all in good faith and with great desire. Violation of a shock of rules, regulations Cops never seen, and if it happens sometimes, it was seen as an emergency. With each Slav, faced with a shock of rights violation or customs, had to put all their efforts to prevent violations. If he did not, then the participant was considered a crime was witnessed, and carried for them fully on a par with the offender. Lived, keep the commandments of God alone: "It is not permissible to forgive the person who intentionally commits evil for evil, without discipline, multiplied, and the blame for the augmentation of the evil lies with the man who left the evil punished and brought him to the right judgment of God."

This manifestation of a shock of rights only with perfect transparency and otchiznolyubii people. At Cope provides complete independence Shodotaev opinions. Everyone had the opportunity to open his own soul. Cope went on all honest, the question was posed by an edge — "to cut a plain truth," and if anyone tried to escape in silence, his relentlessly bring to light. The most docile men, at other times could not even give a hint word against anyone, for Cope, in moments of total excitement, he changed completely and getting the courage, managed to outdo certainly brave men. Cop makes a discovery of mutual confession, repentance and mutual exposure, the manifestation of the widest publicity. At the moment the private interests of each achieved the highest degree of tension, the public interest and justice, in turn, reached the highest degree of control.

Of broad self-amplified desyatskogo elected office — one of 10 yards and Sotk — from 100 yards. Constables, assisted desyatskih, watched over the purity of the villages, the cleanliness of the water in the rivers, for fire protection, for the order during trading markets, the sale of good-quality products, the conduct of trade.

Included Kopu village communities formed parish. Cope to choose: the rural municipality, the board and the court (usually three years). The local court of the book led to recording solutions converge, transactions and contracts, including labor, villagers concluded between themselves and outsiders. All paper work was district clerk, who was an important person in the Copa. When the sergeant began to abuse the trust of society, the villagers could elect him or taken a salary.

Besides heads of townships, chosen by the applicant for Public Affairs — chelobitnikov in capital city. These intercessors called "parasite." Bad sense of the word, the word later, but first it meant the people who lived on the secular account when traveling on public affairs.

According to ancient Slavic traditions, to protect their land from the enemy Kopoy chosen princes. The princes were chosen from the strong Births hereditary warriors who were the honor and glory of our country. Kopoy stood tithe for the content of the Prince and his men, border to border towns and the construction of defensive lines. Villagers willingly carried the labor service for the construction of particularly important or urgently needed military facilities, and in time of war, all the warriors rose villagers to protect the Fatherland.

At the Council of Princes Vsezemskom chosen monarch — the head of the country, the Grand Prince of All Russia Stolny. To insist on the Monarch shock of law, implementation of laws Vsezemskogo Council, the protection of the people from foreign gate of.

This is — one of the variants of the state system of our ancestors. At different times, there were versions of this device, as well as their various intertwining. For example, here is another version of this — the community, which is more different names than the content.

Communion is a spiritual union of various types and bowing, worshiping their God-Rod (ancestors). Communal and tribal way of life of people included several levels of management. It was in modern terminology, a secular (civil), military and spiritual rule.

In the community were chief of head and twin birth — happy. Radanov meeting called RADA. It solved all administrative matters. Princes with their retinues to solve military problems. Spiritual life of the community ruled Priests, providing spiritual support of its members, directing them to preserve the ancient faith, laws and customs. However, the most important issues addressed by three levels of government work together.

Interesting to follow the pyramid in society. The most needy are, of course, the single elderly, orphans, widows with many children, cripples, etc. But they took care of the community and the houses. And there were not too many. Therefore, as the basis not consider. And the basis for the most part were people work (zemleroby, craftsmen, shepherds, hunters, fishermen) — wealthy and spiritually stable laity.

The next-largest in the society was a military squad — more spiritual, and less wealth. Even higher and lower numbers were community leaders and other leaders — income less, and spirituality more than ordinary hard-working people. Magi and other clergymen were even less secure, but were above the heads of the spiritual community. Even higher spiritually and even more financially undemanding priests were temples, which were kept apart from the rest of the inhabitants of the settlements. And it really was a bit of the most spiritually advanced people — priests, keepers of ancient wisdom, which often led a secluded life.

Thus, at each level was roughly the inverse ratio of wealth and spirituality: the higher up the hierarchy was a person, the more spiritual, he should have been. Even the government can not be called — more authority. Person with low spirituality and aspiring to wealth, not drawn up at the top of a society, as wealth, he could not find it. So, for example, traders have more wealth than the ordinary working people, and less spirituality. One other sort of balanced.

If we look at the current power structure, we can see the edge of the turned down the pyramid, in which the number of small and low on spirituality tops possess the greatest wealth. Here the struggle for wealth is combined with the struggle for power, and high spirituality, like, should accrue to the lower classes. But the poor lower classes can not have in-depth knowledge, and the more high spirituality. So it turns soulless society, the cause of which is of dark forces. And you need to put everything in its place, turn the pyramid on its wide base.

To date, ended the reign of the Dark Forces, and it is time we revive the old knowledge, high spirituality of the society and make a happy life. For this we have the Vedic knowledge given us by the gods and ancestors in the form of a "Slavic-Aryan Vedas." In conclusion, it can only result in two quotations from the Vedas: "Renunciation of the Commandments is a betrayal of blood in front of his Native", "Who gives up possession of the Ancient Wisdom, He drives out of a force of life."

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