Abnormal apartment

My husband and I bought an apartment and have been living for 2 years.

About a year ago, coming back from work saw the silhouette of a man in the window, she thought that her husband came home early from work, but entered the apartment was empty. I did not pay attention to it, thinking that thought.

After a month in the apartment began to appear a strange smell. The source was not found, gone to the neighbors, they climbed into the ventilation, even opened the floor — nothing.

Began to hear strange noises as if someone walks, and began to wake up at night from panic attacks. Her husband did not believe me, but all the same we lit apartment. It seems everything has stopped, the smell is not, in general, as well as not at all.

Now again the strangeness began. The cat began to look at something and be afraid. Cross priest who put on the wall very clearly manifested, started having nightmares. What could it be? Ghost? Signs of rare, no flying objects, but still creepy.

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