About any fair election is impossible to have a conversation


Nicholas Chibis, Diatlovo district: "As long as there is Lydia Yarmoshina, Nikolai Lozovik, as long as there are poor doctors, teachers and forced labor in Belarus, about any fair election is impossible to have a conversation."

Man: "If I could not tell Milinkevich abstract" European way ", and presented a plan for Euro-Atlantic integration, the voters would say:" We have instructed card wins. " And so it turns out that — with us all times Yarmoshina, money and Lukashenko. "

Alexander G., you are our brother, grant you this request, give the workers at 2,000 dollars, and retired for a thousand dollars, and we will pick you all my life

Woman: "Before the presidential elections, we have to come to Minsk. Coming to decide to say who choose the president, why, for what reason. I appeal to the opposition: the people with you on to the victory in the election, decisively and boldly, all together! "

Man: "On Tuesday, a woman said that Lukashenko will score no more than 20% of the vote. This is a mistake, he will get as many votes as will be discussed in the Chief Election Commissioner, given the inability to control the counting of votes from the opposition."

Man: "May I will turn to Alexander Grigoryevich? G. Alexander, you are our brother, grant you this request, give the workers at 2,000 dollars, and retired for a thousand dollars, and we will pick you all my life."

Woman: "The opposition can not select a single candidate. Precisely because it is useless. Candidate makes sense only if there is a real chance to defeat the dictator in the election. That is, in the first round to win more than 50% of the vote. And with our own, so to speak, election is impossible. "

The statement says the chairman of the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos"All right, but if we take into account only this aspect, we really can only play up to this dictator. But I believe that we are better than others and are able to establish themselves in a civilized manner."

Further calls listener asks:

Tatiana Barrel, Asipovičy: "Perhaps you have information on what day and time and what activities are preparing for the 100th anniversary of the poet Larissa Heniyush in Zelva?"

Meets Chairman of the organizing committee for the public celebration of the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush Michas Scoble:

"Tribute to the memory of Larissa Heniyush held on August 7 and will begin in the church liturgy and 10:00 am. 12:00 And, I hope, will be opening a memorial plaque on the house where the poet lived. Then will lay flowers at the cemetery. At 14:00 in House of Culture will host a night in which the presentation of the collected works of Larissa Heniyush and the anthology "Personality and Time" entirely devoted to the poetess. So — I invite you to Zelva. "

Belarus has long maintained a heat wave when the temperature is kept above 30 degrees Celsius. On this topic statements of listeners:

Woman: "We live by the principle — do not wait for the mercy of nature, and realize the problem — use all the features of nature. That there are such cataclysms that we are now seeing. "

Man: "In Belarus bureaucratic power for their greed to drain the swamp — the lungs of Europe. Unwise Now cut the forest, just leave the bush. Here is the critical anomalies, the heat, which is now worth! Everything is burning!"

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