According to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation until 2025, in the brain of every Russian is implanted chip

In RuNet have not silenced debate about embracing chipizatsii population. Meanwhile, the order on implanting chips into the brain of Russian citizens has already been signed by the Government of the Russian Federation. And, 3 years ago. It is about the Order of the Ministry of Industry and № 311 of August 7, 2007 "On approval of the Development Strategy of the electronics industry in Russia until 2025" and enclosed the development strategy of the electronics industry in Russia until 2025.

According to the document, in the near future to all citizens of the Russian Federation should be implanted so-called "multi-purpose electronic devices" (This is what the common people are called "chips" — NENOVOSTI.RU).

Note that three years ago, this fact remained completely unnoticed. All this time we have continued to maintain that this assumption is not just another horror story, and the fruit of sick imagination conspiracy theory. There is nothing surprising. Even when the implantation of chips will be well under way, these people will say the same thing: one — by virtue of office, others — because of personal dementia. However, against an official document, they say, do not trample.

Here is just one quote from it:

"The introduction of nanotechnology should further expand the depth of its penetration into the daily life of the population. It shall be a constant relationship of each individual to the global information and control networks such as Internet.

Nanoelectronics will be integrated with biological objects and provide continuous control over the maintenance of their life, improved quality of life, and thus reduce social expenditures.

Widespread get built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide constant contact with the surrounding human intellectual environment, will spread means of direct wireless contact with the human brain surrounding objects, vehicles, and other people. The circulation of such products to over one billion units per year due to its ubiquity …

The domestic industry has to be ready for the challenge, as the ability to produce all components of network systems will mean establish effective control over all their users, which is unacceptable for many countries in terms of the preservation of their sovereignty. A similar view is held by experts of the EU in relation to the global expansion of the electronics industry in South-East Asia and the U.S. intention to secure a permanent technological leadership in this area. Therefore, in the period 2016-2025 years. should expect another to strengthen the role of electronics in society, and be economically prepared for a new round of global competition on the basis of nanoelectronic technology. ".

As you can see, the fact that the establishment of full control over the users do not even hiding. Meanwhile, the Russian authorities naively expects to maintain this control over their own citizens in their own hands.

Happening commented specialist in biological cybernetics and systems, academic Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences Valery Filimonov:

"Many have no idea of what goes great, the global information revolution that could actually lead to the creation of the planet Earth is a new formation, where the use of high information technologies will be used for political purposes, and to human society will be moved control laws of cybernetic systems .

What is happening? In the St. Petersburg metro retirees can pass on their pension cards with identification numbers only in the 2nd and 3rd turnstiles. If a person goes through any turnstile, his system does not pass, the phone rings and the attendant says, where he is supposed to go. In addition, within an hour the citizens entitled to benefits have the right to pass through an electronic device only twice. If one of them is the third time, his number is blocked on your computer, and that the card holder will not have access to the vehicle. Here is a concrete example of how to manage a man. And so you will have to first say that this identification number, which is the automatic identification of what a biometric identification.

It concerns all of us, because the plans are not good people all of humanity must be turned into cyborgs or bio-robots, and this is not fiction.

There is the fact irrefutable documents and facts. For example, there is the Okinawa Charter on Global Information Society, signed in 2000, the presidents of the Group of Eight, Russia has a "Strategy of the Information Society", there are other very interesting documents. One of them — the conclusion of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies, approved by the European Commission, the European Union is the government, which says that everyone is very helpful in the near future will be to implant a microchip. A microelectronic device is implanted under the skin of the forearm and will serve at the same time all kinds of documents. There's a lot of fields of memory — and medical policy and driver's license and ID card, and electronic purse. Most interesting is that introduces a so-called electronic bank money. Man does not see the money in their hand does not hold and depends entirely on the owner of the system, and if he shows, for example, any disloyalty to the system, it can simply deny access to material and information resources.

I'll tell you more in the "Strategy for the development of electronic industry in Russia for the period of 2025", which was developed and adopted in secret, and now published, says: "The introduction of nanotechnology should further expand the depth of penetration of electronics into the daily life of the population. It shall be a constant relationship of each individual to the global information and control networks such as the Internet. How to ensure a permanent link? Only through the implantable microchip. Nanoelectronics will be integrated with biological objects (note: people have already called biological objects) and provide continuous control over the maintenance of their life, improve their quality of life and thus reduce the social costs of the state. " And further: "Widespread get built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide constant contact with the surrounding human intellectual environment. Become common means of direct wireless contact with the human brain surrounding objects, vehicles, and other people. " Moreover, the through implantable microchip simply can destroy objectionable bioobject. These are the words of the "Strategy for the development of electronic industry in Russia for the period up to 2025", signed by the Minister Khristenko and approved by the Russian government.

In 1992, the Convention was adopted informatsiologicheskaya single global information and mobile society, which has become a policy document of the UN. This means that people will live honeycombs like bees. A cell has to communicate with each other will be through electronic networking. The prototype of these cell can serve as a gulag. The parallels are very serious, so we call a world order global electronic concentration camp.

December 28 was a very interesting interview with Sergey Kovalevsky, Ph.D., a specialist from the Social Insurance Fund, published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", where he said quite openly that all information resources, all information flows in western Russia managed information systems and database management systems. That is, there may be some unknown to us bookmarks, for example, allows you to pass information to send someone to a different IP-address. He gives the example of "Operation Desert Storm" during the first Iraq war, when one night failed several Iraqi air defense system, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed in a raid by U.S. aircraft. Really all under the control of Western systems. After all, the Internet belongs to the Pentagon.

Add one more important point. These microchips implanted in the human body, allow you to track all his movements in real time. There is a satellite system GPS, the Russian system is built "GLONASS", which already covers about 80 percent of the territory of Russia, and a half — two years any ship, vehicle, wagon, including a moving person can be tracked by the owners of a communication system. The GPS system is working at full capacity, and it has so far enjoyed, by the way, and the Armed Forces of Russia. Construct a European system "Galileo" and the Chinese system of "Compass". And now, there is agreement that in time more than a hundred satellites completely cover the entire surface of the Earth, and you can monitor the movement of any biological entity.

Each person has a free will, which he made the Lord God, and that man has the right to determine their own way of life. It says here, as we warn people that here these new technologies can make them simply in cattle.

Here we are talking not about to follow the man to spend trillions of dollars on something that for someone to peep through the keyhole, and that the manage all the human herd and the herd of unwanted destroy.

If you build a single supranational global information society, then, in the end, it must be someone to lead. There is a famous article by Alexander Ignatov, Director General Information Agency in the management office of the president of the Russian Federation. The article is called "The strategy of global leadership for Russia," and it is said openly that there is an occult world government, consisting of the representatives of destructive lies chassidic farmasonskoy-focused, and from the midst of the occult world government will appear once only leader who simultaneously lead all religions, and will become a political leader of the world.

We are often accused of opposition to scientific and technical progress. Nothing like that. We welcome the new technologies, if they are used in good faith. But if they are used for evil to mankind, in this evil souls, that we protest. After all, the access keys to secret locations in the hands of the enemies of Russia. "

Your comments on the subject also gave a Doctor of Education Sergei Komkov:

"With regard to biological objects, then I remember one of the fantastic stories by Isaac Asimov about how there was a unique opportunity to huge herds graze without using even the shepherds, for which the skin of a sheep implanted electrodes and gave radio radio-controlled pulses. I think that someone really wants to make mankind, and above all Russian citizens, those most driven rams, which corresponds to the signal through the implanted microchip will do what is necessary to those who had long dreamed of the conquest of our territory.

We are talking about the creation of a society in which some will sit at the controls, and other biological objects will be performing the will of the rulers. I think that the developers of this theory is not so far removed from the introduction of his invention … ".

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