Aliens among us — autistics

Some mistakenly believe these children are disabled or mentally ill, simply because their thinking is not like other perceptions of the world, but in fact they are simply special. This autism — Children who are growing up brilliant scientists, poets, and even leading experts huge companies. Microsoft, for example …

Autism is called a disease of the 21st century, and the statistics show impressive figures: one in a hundred children is born with the problem of the autistic spectrum.

What is this disease that causes people to be afraid of, for example, clouds, forcing many times to repeat the same movement and at the same time brilliantly solve math problems and write music? About the same time, scientists still argue. The cause is not clear, definitive treatment methods are not found. Autistic — like a book. Intelligent, deep, possibly brilliant. But closed. To find the key, you should at least try to imagine how they feel.

Thin people

Autism — a lifelong developmental disability, a consequence of neurological disorders. Autistic behavior is characterized by repetitive actions (by hand movements to complex rituals) and the great difficulty in communication. Difficult for them to enter into society, but that does not mean that they are closed. Just a touch of the world, the world of the senses, extremely thin. Even the dim light can cut eyes to tears, clothing — scrape the skin and other people's lies cause headaches. They feel sharper and can not always handle it. The energy that the average person spends on development, they spend more on defense. They, unlike us, are not forced into a framework of social conventions in this Procrustean bed is not always in line with the rules of morality. We created the technology of survival, and they — have not learned. Compared to them, we — just plastic.

Honest souls

Directed by Dunya Smirnova, who with others creates a fund for autistic and their parents, said: "This is — a soul that has not learned to lie, never learned to smile at the man who disliked her, did not learn modestly silent when I want to yell and scream in pain or joy, and so on — that's what autistic. "

The genius of Kim Peek

We all watched the movie "Rain Man" with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. But not everyone knows that Hoffman's character, a gifted autistic, had a real prototype. His name was Kim Peek. For three years a strange genius was able to instantly retrieve the cube root and multiply three-digit numbers with decimal fractions. In '53 he knew by heart over 7000 books, with particular weakness fed to directories and statistical tables. In scope and depth of their knowledge in the exact and natural sciences, Kim Peek could outdo any professor than actively using American universities. Over the years, many of Kim's ability Peak became even more acute.


Autistic people and their universes of autistic There is a special category of people — with the syndrome scientist, or a savant syndrome (a term psychiatric Darolda Trefferta, lifelong student of savants). Autistic Savant — a person who has extraordinary abilities, often in the field of accounts, art or music. However, he seems mentally retarded.

Such people are very rare. Sometimes savant abilities are not innate, but are the result of head injury, especially of the left hemisphere. Savant brain acts as a whole, not dividing the functions of the hemispheres. And if something one such person an idiot or the other — an absolute genius.

According to scientists, savants — is an example of what we could be. Savant flow in the brain the same thought processes as that of the average person. But the latter is included in the consciousness of the moment when the information was received by the brain and processed image of the object formed, we see and remember only significant. And savants do not go from private parts to the whole and immediately have access to all the data bank of the brain. Therefore, autistic savants can remember the inconceivable amount of facts, numbers, numbers, maps and lists, text and music. Furthermore, they are:

-solve puzzling examples;
-easily and accurately estimate the distance to the object;
-can instantly determine which day of the week came in the given number as many as 10,000 years ago;
-hours without know exactly how much time has passed since a specified time.

Why? Science is not known. Some savants have obvious neurological abnormalities, but most of the brain was examined anatomically and physiologically normal.
Not all autistics are savants, and not everyone Savant — autistic. The probability of birth autistic savant — 1 in 80 million. In the world today there are about 50 people.

Fathers and Sons

I have a Ray Bradbury story of how an ordinary family, mom and dad, baby. Normal, healthy, cheerful child. Just as a blue pyramid. At the end of the story, the parents (and the action takes place in the distant future) go to another dimension. Where to see their child and each other — people, and others — in the form of cylinders, spheres and cubes. In families where born with autism, fathers often leave his wife and child. Many give up, someone is humbled. But there are parents who are moving into another dimension, like Ray Bradbury. So, the 12-year-old father of Alesha painted the entire week schedule: Monday — joint fishing, Tuesday — riding, Wednesday — teaching drawing.

Mom 6-year-old Pasha, who more than anything else is afraid of the subway and pedestrian crossings, and came up to teach my son to navigate there on the cards. In the middle of the day to avoid being caught in traffic jams, they went to train. But Pasha was frightened and cried. People passing by looked at first, then they wanted to call the police — they say, stole the baby! And it was almost impossible to explain what Paschke just a little bit different.

Girl Sonia

Sonia Shatalov lives in Moscow. She is autistic, and doctors pronounced diagnosis of "profound mental retardation". But when she first came into the hands of the pen, everything changed. Yes, she is able to read, write, she has absolute literacy and … poetic gift. Here is her poetry.

For some reason it is very necessary
Glass burgundy sunset
In the morning turn orange.

His joy to paint
Houses, fences,
Crying and tears
Wash all the windows and the road.
All rubbish life
A powerful current of blood
Demolish and burn in my heart.

And it's not a victim, no,
And just to help a Lost world.


Most kids with autism in our country do not go to kindergarten, they are not accepted in schools, according to the mentally retarded and are just afraid. The diagnosis of "autism" — just for kids. After 18 years of diagnosis is removed and put the worst — schizophrenia. So — adult autistics, if there is no one who would have watched over them, waiting for the psycho-neurological clinic. In Europe and America, such people attend mainstream schools and kindergartens, are first-rate in many professions. Without exaggeration: 20% of Microsoft employees and half of Silicon Valley — autism. Autistic Woody Allen takes a great movie — "Match Point," "Vicky Cristina Berselona," "Midnight in Paris", autistic Perelman proved the Poincaré conjecture math, which was considered unprovable, autistic Iris Johansson, who did not know how to dress themselves and have, become a psychologist and dedicated its activities to the problems of autism. Of course, not every autistic — a genius. But each of them feels, wants to love, make friends, learn, work, wants to start a family, they have hope, washed about themselves, about the future of the world. They are different from the norm, but it makes a world of diversity and stronger, not weaker.

Life is banned

Most recently, students with autism and their parents were not allowed to tour the Moscow Oceanarium. "The guys were waiting, preparing, drawing fish" — wrote to the mother of one of the boys. First tour allowed, but when parents called to clarify the details, received a response from the director: "Denied. Visitors do not like to see people with disabilities, it makes them zhalos. This is unacceptable. "

Marrying a girl could read and write, and really wanted to go to school. Her mom really wanted that, too. And even the teacher. But the doctors did not give Gene directions to the school. And said, "learning disabilities."

Such cases are very much and with older autistic. They do not take the job, even though they have the unique ability to do something for a long time without losing concentration. A wake up and walk all day around the room like a caged animal, it is not the same as pronutsya and go to work (at least three hours) and return home.

If the case once you push off with the "children of the rain," remember the words: "Rescue those who need help — help someone who needs help." And then maybe you'll get, perhaps, the most interesting book in the world, their soul.

Letter boy with autism

People are kind, funny, sad, good, good, grateful, big people, small. Walk, run, jump, speak, watch, listen. Fun-loving, bar. Red. Short. Women are good talking, light, fur, hot, beautiful, icy, small. There are still people without a mustache. People are sitting, standing, hot, warm, cold, real, iron. People go home. People go to the store. People play the piano. People play the piano. People play the harmonica. People stand outside the house. People are suffering. People drink water and tea. People drink coffee. People drink compote. Drink milk, drink, drink, drink kefir. Welding. Drink more kvass, lemonade, Sprite, Fanta. Eat jam, sour cream. People think silent. The sick and the healthy. Become drawers of water, water trucks. The people in the ship, a plane, a bus, a train, a train, a tram, a typewriter, a helicopter, a crane, in a food processor.

People live in small houses in the room, the kitchen in the apartment, with the battery, in the corridor, in the bath, in the shower, in the bath. People go, go, run, people still ride, swim, bathe, eat, eat, die, take off socks. People listen to the radio. People do not suffer. People are eating. They say. People Shaggy. Pee, caca. People dress up. Read. Watching. Cold. Bathe. Buy. Heated. Shoot. Killed. Believe they solve. Switched on and off. People are still in the theater. Sledding. Worry. Smoking. Crying, laughing. They ring. Normal, Garnier, naughty. People rush. Swear. Funny. Serious. People bang and rumble. Not Shaggy. Get lost. Red. Deep. People skinned. People are renovating a house, a barn. People will suffer. People draw, write. Forest. People chop wood, sawing, stoked. People still greet, say, jump, run. People end. People fly.



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