Aliens. Destination — Moon. Continued Part 2

In addition to the "X-drones" have been spotted, and other devices: some objects while moving left traces in length from 250 m to 2. 5 km and a width of 16 meters Moreover, these devices have been widely by 20-30%. Also astronauts "Apollo 14" filmed a giant mechanical device inside the crater, which consists of two lightweight structures, do not cast shadows, and thus stretching the ac length of 1.5-2.5 km.

The astronauts. The first "official" contact.

In 1968, NASA issued a catalog of lunar anomalies. The catalog covers four centuries, during which it was recorded 579 examples that explain the science has not given so far: moving luminous objects (a point or integer columns of light), endangered craters, colored trench lengthening at 6 km / h, a large luminous object, which is called "Maltese Cross" (it was observed Nov. 26, 1956), a strange gas that occurs above the surface of the moon, etc. U.S. Military Consultant William Cooper in 1989 published an article in "Development" article, which said alien ships that accompanied every launch and landing Americans on the moon. But the most interesting evidence can be considered the record made in Houston during the lunar mission, "Apollo 11," which gave reporters Christopher Kraft, director of NASA in the past.

Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is transmitted from the moon: "This is a giant contraption. No, no, no. This … is not an optical illusion. There can be no doubt! "

Flight Control: "What … what … what? What the hell are you going there? What happened? "

A: "They're here under the surface."

UP: "What is it?. . Control center calls "Apollo 11."

A. "We have seen a few guests. They have been there for a while, checking equipment. "

UP: "Repeat your last message."

A.: "I say that here other spacecraft. They are a flat line on the other side of the crater. "

UP: "Repeat … repeat!"

A. "Let us explore this area … in 625 to 5 … automatic relay connected … My hands are shaking so badly that I can not do anything. Remove it? My God, if these damned cameras will remove anything … what then? "

UP: "Can you take anything?"

A.: "I no longer have the film at hand. Three shots from the "plates", or whatever that thing is called, spoiled the film. "

UP: Restore control! They are in front of you? Heard any noise from the UFO?

A: "They landed here! They're here and they're watching us! "

UP: "Mirrors … can you handle them?"

A.: "Yes, they are in the right place. But those who built these ships can come tomorrow and remove them. Once and for all. "

Of course, the above — very meticulous thing, and not everyone will believe it. By the way, American astronauts were available code words for Houston for the event that they find on the moon or something unusual about her: for example, the word "Anibel" means a blazing fire on the moon or near the "Barbara" — a structure "Saint Nicholas" — UFOs.

NASA has thoroughly examined the available images of the surface of the moon, since the 60s conducted a thorough monitoring of the moon before starting "Apollo." In 1972, a program was initiated to study CSL. Were eventually published and catalogs of such phenomena. Among them are known "chronological catalog of known lunar events" BM Midlhersta (Washington, 1968), "The catalog of lunar transient phenomena" VS Cameron (Greenbelt, 1978) and others. Total directories contain several thousands of such events. There is also a documentary archive photos, film and video recordings of such cases. In particular, these shots of a moving "Fountain of Light" in the crater Aristarchus and Herodotus (Observatory of Passau, 1972) and a bright spot in the crater Pitisk (G. Slayton, 1981). Repeated outbreaks in the East Sea and the Grimaldi noted and astronauts K. Mattingly ("Apollo 16") and R. Evans and D. Schmidt ("Apollo 17").

Moon — a spaceship?

Astronomer Carl Sagan in the 60's. said that under the lunar surface discovered caves of enormous proportions. This conclusion he did on the basis of data obtained by means of special devices. According to the findings Sagan, the volume of some caves up to 100 cubic meters. km, and in them there are conditions favorable for life. A few years later the Soviet researchers M. Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov suggested that the moon — man-made object, a kind of spaceship, which is located deep in the cavity height of 50 km. Further flights "Apollo" has only strengthened these suspicions. Comment by Maurice Chatelain, former employee of NASA's space radio, "" Apollo 13 carried a small nuclear device to create artificial moonquakes to observe due to the explosion seismographs (telemetry from the Earth) infrastructure Moon. On this ship, there was a mysterious explosion that destroyed one of the cylinders of oxygen in the cockpit. It is not known whether it has made "plate", who was watching the ship. This explosion was intended to prevent the experiment with nuclear warheads that could destroy the base of extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon. "

This is not an isolated case. In 1969, on the lunar surface have been dumped fuel tanks used unmanned vehicles. Later seismograph, then left on the moon, passed some interesting data: processed the information, the researchers came to the conclusion that in the depth of the satellite is a metal shell thickness of 70 km. Computer analysis shows that it consists of iron, nickel, beryllium, tungsten and other substances, thus it became clear that such shells could be formed synthetically.

Also troubling is the fact that the writings of the ancient astronomers have a description of the sky, but there is no mention of the moon. A little later there were stories about gods who came to the New World (a good example — Mayan paintings, painted where the gods coming down from the moon). What is this? The confluence of circumstances?

Do not think that the issues of the search for extraterrestrial life on the moon doing simple astronomers. Support the idea of aliens and people who are far from the UFO. Comment by Alexei Viktorovich Arkhipov, a researcher at Institute of Radio Astronomy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, "" I have to note that a popular topic of intelligent life on the moon has not been adequately reflected in the pages of our newspapers. So, instead of a serious way this problem the reader is either reckless campaign "for aliens on the moon", or as incompetent ridicule theme. But … it's not that, but the fact that such profanation discredit scientific problem worthy of serious discussion. " Indeed, why all this bother with the "Apollo" and constant ridiculing UFO? If the higher scientific and military circles, including the same thing NASA wanted to refute the evidence that there is someone on the moon, they would have long since been made: for example, a live show shot back of the satellite or would open all its archives concerning space flight, saying, "Look, all you want, there is no little green men on the moon, here are the photos, videos, draw conclusions and stop constantly quoting Armstrong." But no, it took half a century, and we continue to mark time in one place. This fact alone is the main evidence that the ordinary citizens of hiding sensitive information. As the saying goes, 'inaction — is also an action. "

And before you refute the theory of the existence of extraterrestrial life right "in the backyard of our house", try to answer seemed simple questions generated by a strange coincidence, and monstrous coincidences, why one member of NASA in response to reporters' questions about BOTHER much evidence that "the moon is something wrong," threw an angry phrase — "Yes faster moon will turn to the other side of the world, you'll know the truth!"? Why, out of the mouth of the Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan in 1985-1987. repeatedly sounded strange constant hints about aliens and alien threat? How is both the head of the superpowers — Khrushchev and Kennedy — lost power almost at the same time (the first — in 1963 in Dallas, where he was the victim of a killer, the second — less than a year later by the higher strata of government collusion), given In recent years, the authorities are thinking about joint exploration of the Moon (Kennedy's famous phrase: "Better to let our people will conquer the moon!")? And finally, the most interesting, but by no means the last question: why half a century, we continue to fly in low Earth orbit, and did not move a single step in the exploration of space (unless, of course, can be considered for the success of the ISS and probes, including each third connection is lost, it can be said of the blue)? In other words, the truth is always nearby. It is only necessary to see it.

The ancient road on the Moon

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