Aliens for the New World Order

Aliens for the New World OrderIn the current in the current political situation of the world to launch a global process of transition to a new world, a global enemy — alien to the limit of an alien /

The universe is full of life. Life appears everywhere for it is the slightest opportunity. We know carbon-fiber form — just one of the physical-chemical options for its existence. Intelligence, wit and intelligence of various levels of difficulty is also an integral part of our environment are mutually nested, multi-dimensional world. Some forms and manifestations of processes and phenomena in the world, available to our understanding and observation, some go beyond the perception of our senses and existing devices. Similarly, human knowledge and misconceptions is by no means the ultimate truth. The current generally accepted doctrine, theory, and technology eventually will take place next to the ideas of a flat earth on whales and turtles, the geocentric model of the world, primitive technical devices and other former "top" of the human mind.

Like any large-scale process or phenomenon, the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has a number of features and properties (adjusted for the fact that they are discrete and localized). And, of course, to study short-and rare phenomenon, noisy appearance unusual for the average observer mediocre processes (missile launches, testing of new weapons and equipment, atmospheric and astronomical phenomena, etc.) is extremely difficult. After dropping out of trivial variants explain the observation of "something strange" (in water, on land and in the air and near-Earth space and on the moon and in outer space), as a rule, "in balance" is a few percent of "unexplained" cases . This "balance", and gives us to understand that "real UFO" has a wide range of properties, which lies behind its physical essence, and her and the problems solved by those who are the objects created and manages them.

Some UFO researchers topic makes statements that conceal the related philosophical issues and solutions on the one hand lie in the interests of a group of persons engaged in global governance on the planet Earth. Accordingly, there are inevitable: super secrecy in actual research performed on this topic, UFO myths, information system cover and stuffing misinformation (and her own "revelations") with a large number of false targets and information noise, personnel performing the role of public lightning rod, deliberately blind areas science, etc. On the other hand, the relative rarity of authentic "exorbitant" phenomena excludes them from the personal experience of the overwhelming majority of people, and thus divides humanity in terms of "personal experience / believe — do not believe it."

"The myth of UFO" is quite well represented in the individual sections of culture (especially in film, as well as fantastic and the literature, informal communication, folklore and some epics and sacred texts). Rare authentic artifacts and relics also exist, but most are part of the myth (disappear), or ignored by mainstream science.

Thus, for some reason the UFO phenomenon "ripen" in virtual or subconscious. So, and to work on this area of consciousness and can control it indirectly through the psyche of the masses. It follows that, after "pump" collective image aliens required "quality" and staging spectacular 3D-show, you can call the necessary mass reaction. A triggering a reaction, you can crank out a global affair, by orders of magnitude times the military-terrorist and information "durilka" of modern times such as the September 11 attacks (2001), the Georgian-Ossetian conflict (08.08.08) or the Arab revolutions of 2011. That's what will be discussed.

New voices in the discordant chorus: UFOs — to fight the crisis!

In recent years, a trend: the UFO subject has received increased attention from the previously uncharacteristic "characters." In fact, a transition from the stage of "this can not be" (indiscriminate ridicule witnesses of an event and denial until the recognition of incompetent witnesses cheating only mass hallucinations and "bright glow of Venus") to the stage of "this is something there." And if you start talking about UFOs notorious "officials", it means someone has to …

Today about new sightings reported almost daily, helped Internet and widespread digital art (see, for example, the site Once unique cases declassification of archives closed offices with information on contacts with UFOs in recent years become a regular.

Moreover, a press conference and plums previously secret documents, arranged (mostly former) military officials Western services and departments, with the participation of UFO organizations and journalistic community, leave a pretty strong impression as to suspect them in writing (with official reports, reports and official investigations) is difficult. Mention about the project, "Disclosures", which is supported by a large series of professionally installed documentaries. Amount of documentary evidence provided only in it — and it is more than 500 military, intelligence, government and academic institutions and organizations — this is a serious "critical mass." In Russia, on the subject of UFOs in recent years has also been photographed much.

Take a look at the "problem of the UFO" from a realistic position. Seized by the systemic crisis world of Western capitalism usurious frantically trying to find a way out of the trap into which it opened a usurious interest and loan concept of buying the world. We see that in the course started up the second version of "orange revolution" — with a blood-red hue. Bringing Arabs (through the media, staged scenes and computer graphics) to the image of bestial evil fanatics for the first time to the public omnivorous "come down" and serve as a basis for the forthcoming nationalist fire in the EU. While such a scenario it would still be about the same biological species ("they" other people by language, religion and culture, but with the planet). Besides war and rebellion are mainly local or regional.

So for upgrading management concepts need to run a global process of transition to a new world order and need reasons (threats) appropriate — on a global scale. And the enemy has to be alien to the limit (another species with a different mentality, absolutely hostile rank and file of the Earth). And the technology and tools, and weapons had to be new, never-before-seen and not use the standard. Such a set of properties is a priori more advantageous (the effect of novelty, surprise, panic, and unpredictability). And, of course, global issues (and better — the problem of survival) require a global response, and the roof of a world government.

It is noteworthy that in the foreign media delineated linking those threats from strangers and the world crisis. Here is a quote from an article in «American Free Press» for September 2 this year: "The major media support the idea that the alien invasion from outer space is not only possible, but may even be inevitable. Although, according to some globalist guru — not much to worry about, the threat could be a boon.

During a recent appearance on CNN, talking toFareed Zakaria, Nobel Prize winning economistPaul Krugmansuggested that a collision with a hostile life forms could well be beneficial to the U.S. economy. He said the following: "If we find that we are going to be attacked by space aliens, and, in connection with this threat, we need intensive capacity [defense spending and military production], then, if inflation and the budget deficit would be moved to the background and this recession would end in 18 months. '"

It's like the "circulation" of an enemy before the next world war, which must again raise the economy on its feet.

American Gulag is ready to welcome the meeting

If you see a list of laws passed in the U.S. sinceJohn F. Kennedyand in recent years, forming the legal basis for changing the political system in the event of the introduction of a state of emergency or martial law, it is clear that the population of "world leader" ready for the big "reshaping". The basis for the entry of emergency or martial law include: natural disasters and calamities, terrorist attacks (biological, nuclear, chemical, etc.), riots, financial collapse — that is, any disruption in the observance of law and order in the country. (On the news summary, we see that such prerequisites or is, or can be easily created.)

Here are some very specific laws, which clearly visible for the interests of large transnational business: create the conditions for a state of war — and you can legally do unthinkable things (and the fact of the merger of transnational corporations and institutions under the government signs a long time it is not a secret) . After their introduction may occur quantitative and qualitative one: what used to be done gradually and covertly, will be done openly and in large quantities. In particular, the federal government took control of the following:

— Executive order 11051 (12148). On integrated commissioning packages of executive orders in the event of increased international tensions and economic or financial crises (as the anarchists, the burning of cars and shops and the scale of the terrorist threat level — it's not from lack of).

— Executive order 11921. In case of any emergency, the Federal Agency for Emergency Preparedness shall have the broadest powers and has the right to take control of the mechanisms of production, distribution, energy, labor, credit, and cash flows in the country, with the announcement of emergency neither the President nor Congress will not be able to review the decisions on these issues in six months.

— Executive order 12919. Instructs heads of various ministries to be in constant readiness to take control of almost all aspects of the economy after the receipt of instructions from the president.

— Executive order 13010. Instructs Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the event of an emergency to take control of all government agencies.

— Executive order 12656. Allocates areas of responsibility for a period of emergency preparedness. All power will be transferred to military courts and military command. Once again, is determined by: the state of emergency is any event threatening or undermining national security of the United States (natural disaster, military attack, technological or other emergency situations).

This list is not complete, but gives an idea of the possible implications of the disaster in the U.S. … It is clear that the future events is fundamental approach, the population will be taken into rigid vise and will be converted to natural slave and hostage TNK-state, which under her podomnet all, and the outcome of this process looks scary. Not surprisingly, this nervous for Americans theme in a large number of publications and videos.

As the recent earthquake in Virginia and Hurricane Irene, people are reluctant to leave their homes despite the evacuation order mandative hysteria and propaganda in the media (the red button is pressed, even when it became clear that to New York hurricane comes in already highly attenuated form) . For such a "trial balloons" to introduce emergency lie several possible courses of interested parties:

1. Refused to evacuate the next time will be arrested and incapacitate. Will be practiced exercise in the paddock flock to stall the first order.

2. For information about the really dangerous hurricane (generally cataclysm) will deliberately understate and conceal that disasters caused the most damage and casualties. Be a reason to impose emergency rule.

3. Terrorist attacks can be performed using a set of tools (for example, geophysical weapons against provoked or natural natural disaster involving a factor of civil unrest, looting, and with the connivance of the authorities, etc.), followed by the introduction of martial law, the Guard and special forces, filling capacious mobile prisons, plastic and concrete tombs — and then on the script.

In a variation of this "redrawing" of the USA can take place under the guise of a false global scenario. It is reasonable to assume that if the frequency of observation of "real" UFO grows, so must necessarily happen and some information "detente" this trend is also pursuing its ultimate goal. And the purpose of this — the announcement of the threat of capture of the Earth from outer space by all the canons of film scripts such as "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles"Jonathan Libesmanaor "War of the Worlds"Steven Spielberg. Programming on the idea of capturing the audience is present even in films with seemingly opposite story — in the same "Avatar."

Astronauts and presidents of UFOs and the threat from space

Military structures related to the conquest of space, were bound to encounter phenomena UFO character.Gordon Cooper, astronaut and Air Force Colonel Mason and 33rd degree, flight participant on spacecraft "Mercury" and "Gemini" in his letter to the UN in 1985, said:

"I believe that extraterrestrial ships with crews visited our planet. These extraterrestrial ships are technically more advanced than our current vehicles. I think we need a coordinated at the highest level of the program coordinate the collection and analysis of information in the world of UFOs, and develop a strategy coming into friendly contact with these visitors. For many years I lived in secrecy in which they lived as all astronauts. Today I can reveal the secret that every day in the U.S. radar intersect objects, form and design of which are unknown to us. "

Recent revelations of recognition and a retired astronaut sound no less curious. For example, an astronautEdgar Mitchellin 2008 and in 2009 made a categorical statement about the existence of extraterrestrial life. However, we must realize that without a subscription pointer over violate a nondisclosure can or in very old age, or by direct order — when in this "sink" of information there is a need (because of Freemasonry many astronauts factor dosage misinformation should not be forgotten).

Now remember quotes rank higher. In 1985,Ronald ReaganaskedMikhail Gorbachevwith the words: "Just imagine what would have been an easy task in our time of the meeting, if there was a threat to our planet by some alien creatures. We'd forget all the little differences that existed between the two countries, and once and for all to realize that we are all human beings living on the same earth. "

Gorbachev is said: "At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the Earth is facing the threat of alien invasion, the United States and the Soviet Union have joined forces to repel the aggressor. I will not dispute this hypothesis, though I think it's too early to worry about such an invasion. "

Then September 21, 1987 the UN General Assembly Reagan repeatedly appealed to the government of the USSR: "We are so excited about the mutual contradictions, that we forget how much the total is at each of us, and that we have very much in common. Perhaps we need more than ever an extraterrestrial threat that we finally spotted this fragile relationship. I sometimes think about how quickly disappear all the differences between us, when we face a threat from outer space … All the contradictions between the two countries would disappear, the threat of an alien invasion …… not if they are already among us? "

Reagan frequently any other inhabitant of the White House turned to the subject of aliens, although the need for consideration of the topic of UFOs and their personal observations of such objects reported and future U.S. presidentsGerald FordandJimmy Carter. But we should remember that Reagan — a former actor, and if he let down the top a good replica (and for good reason), then why not repeat it several times "encore"?

These days, the phrase about chuzheplanetnoy repeats threatHillary Clinton. That is, even in the mouths of politicians top echelon mention alien threat becomes a standard figure of speech and argument.

About articles on threats from other worlds are also worth mentioning, because besides just expectations of the scenario and the appropriate psychological pump there and some details of the script itself. For example, 17 years ago through the leakage of information from a Canadian journalistSerge conventbecame aware of the project "Blue ray (Blue beam)». Here is a short excerpt from an article of this kind:

"When the media announced that the planet is attacked by hostile aliens, the decision will become declaration of martial law and the introduction of a one world government and the army to confront the threat to humanity. This idea was once voiced by President Reagan when he talked about the cause, which could unite humanity, and suggested that it could be a threat coming from space.

Another part of the project was to use the Blue ray holography and HAARP technologies to achieve the effect of the prophetic predictions. Biblical "signs" and "wonders" had to be created artificially, as well as religious deity — Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha should be made as the image that people would perceive as real. The aim was to establish a one world religion, as conceived elite. "

I note that the said journalist who reveals the public the details of this project in 1994, shortly after the publication of his report, died of "sudden looming" disease of the lungs.

Report of the Iron Mountain as a manifesto of the New World Order

A well-known paper entitled «Report From Iron Mountain: On The Possibility And Desirability Of Peace» (Report from Iron Mountain: the possibility and desirability of peace, 1966), to a large extent served as a source of direct borrowing booksZbigniew Brzezinski"Between the ages: America's role in the technotronic era" (1970). In a number of publications based on historical details and the application of the axiom "practice is the criterion of truth," concluded the authenticity of the document, although in the early 1970s his "official author" disown this creation of a lottery and satire. However, as the world's true secret orders intertwined with high-misinformation, consider some of the key points of this "report." One of his major thesis is that the world can support only through fear. It follows that there is no alternative to war.

Section 7 states that: "The war is not, as is widely accepted … the policy instrument used by nations to share or protect their political principles or economic interests. On the contrary, she is a principled basis for the organization of modern societies. " And further: "… the root of all significant differences in national interests are dynamic needs of the military system in periodic armed conflict."

After a review of the functions of war: economic, political, sociological, environmental, scientific and cultural, identifies criteria "substitutes" the war itself for the same functions. In the economic field, as a replacement of the arms race is considered a giant space program. In fact, as we know, in spite of convincing doubt its effectiveness, several decades gained momentum expensive missile defense program (SDI or so-called "Star Wars"). Much weaker financially until replacement, has yet to score points in public opinion — the fight against "the danger of an asteroid." The introduction of these alternatives comes amid a sharp imbalance between games such financial and the real economy, which adopted the scale of the global systemic crisis. And in the political field are discussed: the organization of international police forces, alien threat from outer space, the threat of global environmental pollution, new "fictitious enemy".

And the new role of NATO as the world policeman, and international peacekeepers, the crucial problem is not peace, and the "war on terror" and the heating of the planet under the influence of the greenhouse effect of CO2 — all this came at exactly the supposedly "satirical inventions".

What other literary finds fraught "Report …"? As noted in its analysis, the crowd, the people in it appears like a herd of cattle, which has no right to an opinion and voice. The only value of "rednecks" consists in determining the quality of the "raw material" and a way to extract from the benefit to the elite. Birth control and the size of the reform of the family and genetic breeding of new humanoid creatures — it is also the development of elite science. Control the behavior of people and zombies took teleotuplenie global epidemic [with, presumably, a single purpose: "In the future the challenge facing Western governments will be how to keep people in the consumer materialism, and not allow them to understand what they really are. " (Quote from the book Brzezinski "Between the two periods: America's role in the technotronic era", written in 1970)].

GMO foods, experiments with embryos, cloning, genetic experiments on humans, "dismantling" of people on the organs, new laboratory viruses, euthanasia, juvenile justice and the forced vaccination is part of our daily lives. The names of those who are behind this in Russia and in the West, are well known. What a purely American "trick" — hundreds of hours waiting to concentration camps — is similar rifle hanging on the wall in the first act …

Sister Mercy

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