All global property can concentrate in a few hands

Russian companies in the 15 months fell by almost a third. The study conducted audit and consulting group BDO.

According to analysts, the total value of shares that are traded on the MICEX-RTS has dropped from 33 to 23 trillion rubles and a half. Only last month had dropped to 10 and a half percent, trying to tell a man with a guttural channel PIK.

It is worth noting that in general global trend of the Russian market without distracting. Thus, the RTS index lost nearly 35%. This is slightly higher than other stock markets. Thus, in Germany, a decline of 30 percent in India — 28.

How and why this can happen, or, in other words, who could cause the global crisis?

To do this is to tell how the Rothschilds made a fortune in the early XIX century, when Europe and Russia fought against Napoleon. It's about the Battle of Waterloo. At the beginning of the confrontation the British army led by Field Marshal Wellington and the French Napoleonic army superiority kept Napoleon, as it was reported in London. Courier Nathan Rothschild — Rotvord — observed the battle and was able to disseminate information about the defeat Wellington before the rest couriers arrived with the news of the victory. Rothschild began to sell their shares on the exchange, citing the fact that the battle was lost and now the business will go under. I must say, Rothschild already at that time was quite a successful banker involved in the financing of the military campaign against Napolenona.

Others, looking at the behavior of one of the most successful bankers, were also selling their shares on the market, resulting in their prices have dropped to ridiculous levels, and agents of the Rothschild bought them without problems.

The key information here is that the Rothschild bought all the shares, reducing their cost on frivolous reasons — what is the cause, it does not matter. It could be environmental crises, unemployment, social unrest, war, etc. All that can be intimidating, go into action.

And, in the XIX century, this example no one was, this is not written in books on economics and on Wikipedia. And now everybody knows it. And that absolutely nothing has changed. Recently joined the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers still have a chance to use this mechanism bezsovestny against honest owners. You think things are very different? As they say, the numbers will speak for themselves!

Thus, now the world's property could become cheaper is for any reason, and it's not even that important, for what — matter who subsequently acquire the shares and will be monitored. Most likely, it will be well-known persons who, by their favorite method of seeking to dominate the world and the introduction of a new world order, where not only a different property, but also earth resources, including water and air, as well as living organisms that are on it (including people) will have their master and owner. This is the goal of all global manipulation and claims.

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