Already today, August 9,

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


…yet 25 — 30 ° C.

Do not pass:

Prague to host evening of the young Belarusian literature devoted to the 100th anniversary of Larissa Heniyush. Restaurant Krasné ztráty, 19.00.


In Geneva, the International Conference begins on razbraenni.


Celebrate 100 years of the famous Belarusian poet Larissa Heniyush, which fell a martyr's fate.

August 9 at different times in the light of the German philologist and popularizer belarushchyny in Germany Rudolf Abiht, who translated in German poetry Kupala and Kolas; Belarusian historian and writer Yanka Zaprudnik, who lives and works in the United States.

August 9, 1917 published the first issue of the Bolshevik newspaper "Zvezda". Today, "The Star" is a body of the President of Belarus and Belarusian goes on, and then, at the beginning of its existence, it was entirely Russian-language edition.

August 9, 1945, three days after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the Americans dropped a second atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. There were killed and wounded about 75 thousand inhabitants. On the area of 12 thousand square kilometers have been completely destroyed all the buildings.

There is a reason:

International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom" Flowers Larissa Heniyush

Quote to remember:

Will — not something that will unleash your hands,
change on a large cage small.
Will — is not that easy you say.
Will — what will that feel …

Larissa Heniyush

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