Already weekend, August 7-8


The third wave of heat over the summer …

Temperature vznimetstsa to 35 — 39 degrees, in Minsk will be 35 — 36. On Sunday, a little coolness increase — less than 35 ° C.

Do not pass:

August 7

On the field, the Agrarian University of Technology in the street naturalists held in Minsk on behalf of the football match Gennady Karpenko. Beginning at 9:00.

In Zelva in the family estate of the family Heniyush held the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the poet:

10.30. Prayer for the dead and a memorial exhibition. Holy Trinity Church.

12.00. The grand opening of a memorial plaque on the house where he spent the last years of the poet.

14:00. Literary evening and the presentation of the books published for the anniversary of Larissa Heniyush. District House of Culture.

At the conclusion — the laying of flowers and wreaths at the grave of Larissa and Yankee Geniush.


Lukashenko visited the recreation center on Braslav lakes.


August 7, 1879 Peter was born Krichevsky, who for nearly ten years as head of the BNR Rada.

August 8, 1530 in Turov died a famous Belarusian commander Constantine Ostrog, which was marked by the Battle of Orsha, when his 30-strong army to repel aggression 80000th Army of the Moscow Principality.

August 8, 1919 The occupation of Minsk by Polish troops.

August 8, 2008 began the Russian-Georgian armed conflict.

There is a reason:

August 7 — a day that is considered the beginning of modern mountaineering. In 1786, Jacques and Michel Balma punish started climbing Manblyan — the highest peak of the Alps (4807 meters).

August 8 — American A. Marshall of the Minnesota patented the refrigerator.

August 8 celebrates its birthday Father Alexander Knudson, apostolic visitator Belarusian Catholics in the diaspora, director of the Belarusian Library and Museum named Skarina in London. Alexander's father was born in the town of Gorodeia under Shults in 1926.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom": "Six months is detained Autuhovich, Leonova, Osipenko"

Quote to remember:

Oh, Sunday paranenka
The sun rose hmarnenka,
The sun rose above the boron
Top Syaletskim Tabor.
And in Tabora pipes play
By vayatskae meeting beckoning,
Began serving board,
Location Orsha extract:
And on the field, and out of the forest,
And with a small river?
None of the field, nor out of the woods,
Only a small river.
And on Sunday paranenku
Steel-boys pyatsigortsy
Near the river on prygortsy.
Sound together with a matchlock,
With syamipalyh of passions.
Bute pavsotkayu of guns.
Moscow has complained,
City Orsha leave.
But what escaped from Orsha,
The river is a small cursed:
"Perhaps you, the river, one hundred years of drying out,
As our lost glory here.
Perhaps dry out before the end of the world,
What our slavanki already no. "
Glory Orsha not worse.
Hail, Pan Ostrog!

The Song in honor of the victory of Prince Constantine of Ostrog

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