American fiance 4 issues to watch

American fiance 4 issues to watch
South american groom — Is a reality show in which the main characters will be four Yankees Russian origin. One of them, Alexander says that the main thing that the girl was a broad Russian soul. Alexei says his heart is open to the newest lady in his life. Anton looks for cost-conscious and loving husband. Sergey needed in life alone, but true man, with whom he was able to live happily and boldly look into the future. All four dreaming about love and family, but only with the girls from Russia. Host: Katya Zharkova

South American fiance 1 issue 14.10.2013 Friday

South american groom Issue 2 Friday 15.10.2013

South American fiance 3 issue 16.10.2013 Friday

South American fiance 4 release Friday 17.10.2013

or all the issues here ..

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