Americans invented a weapon that will survive in the so-called. zombie apocalypse

In the United States released a set to deal with "real" zombies

American company Optic Planet released a set of things that you might need in case of an attack of zombies. The set consists of 49 items and will cost 31,375 amerodollarov.

Set to the name ZERO is designed to help survive the zombie apocalypse. The set includes a microscope, test tubes, syringes and other medical equipment to develop a vaccine against the deadly virus. However, you can not call it a full — food, weapons and ammunition are not included in it, and only includes a laser sight and a bulletproof vest. That is, the owner of the items have to buy.

Not part of it, and the license for weapons, but because developers ZERO vs zombies offer an alternative: folding knives and specially made in case of a surprise attack during combat halt mug. Its handle is composed, and the surface covered with jagged, which will be able to break the dead flesh.

Despite the fact that the developers have reduced the cost of up to 23,999 dollars, the sales are not as good as they would like, transfers

Zombie Apocalypse (Zombie apocalypse) — this is one of the so-called variants of doom, which, despite its absurdity, prepare tens of thousands of people around the world. The idea is this: some of the secret lab breaks the virus that turns people into zombies (that is, the living dead). These zombies start chasing uninfected people with a view to literally devour. Thanks to the incredible popularity of themes in movies and computer games over the Internet this weird scenario discussed very seriously almost everywhere.

Meanwhile, the generated instructions for survival in the "zombie apocalypse" can help with viral epidemics and riots, kirgizinge and things like that, the website

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