Among the foreigners Belarusians in Lithuania — in second place


According to Internet portal DELFI, the number of people with foreign passports, as well as the citizens of Lithuania recent years shrinking.

At the beginning of 2010 lived in Lithuania 3.29 million people, less than a year earlier. In 2009in the country had 3.3 million citizens of Lithuania, in 2001 — 3.4 million

Among the foreigners in Lithuania most Russians, who in the early this year there were 11,700 people. A year earlier, in Lithuania there were 12,300 citizens of Russia, in 2001 — 13,400.

Moreover, at the beginning 2010 lived in Lithuania 3300 citizens of Belarus (2009 — 4800), 1700 — Ukraine (2009 — 2500), 500 — Poland (the year their number has not changed.) The country is also home to 400 citizens of Germany and Latvia, as well as 300 Americans.

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