An eerie reflection in the mirror

We have a very friendly yard, all are friends identical both boys and girls. But we have our own company. Here we have created a society OVDD-inducing good spirits, well, causing all sorts of candy gnomes ruminant kings, and the like … That somehow start talking about brownies. I do such-and-tell me something of paranormal phenomena, I will not sleep. We in the hallway is a large mirror, and a few times I saw the reflection of a strange gray-haired grandfather, or a black silhouette.

I am very scared and went to bed just after the pray. With the mentality I'm fine, no diseases Tipo schizophrenia. When told about the silhouette in the mirror to your friends, they are advised to talk less or even forget about the brownies. I did just that. Month through pltora I think of them forgotten and the silhouette did not appear. Very much like to hear your suggestion about this …

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