Analysis of occult symbols mural Bank of America

In a prominent place in the foyer of the Corporate Center Bank of America is frightening murals filled occult symbols. Even more disturbing is the fact that these images seem to predict events of a radical change in the world in the not too distant future. Predict whether these murals parish occult New World Order? Look at the occult symbols and their meaning in the frescoes found in the frescoes Bank of America.

InfoWars reader sent me pictures of some very strange looking frescoes Corporate Center Bank of America in Charlotte, S. Carolina. Needless to say, they are at once completely captured my attention, so I was struck by the symbolism and messages. I also could not help but compare them with ominous murals at Denver International Airport.

Written by Benjamin Long, said to revolve around the theme of paintings erection construction chaos create and schedule knowledge "bold combination of abstract and realism, decorated with touches of gold."

Photo: Three paintings show the board lobby Corporate Center Bank of America.

Although we normally read from left to right, inside painting has keys that hint the viewer to the fact that they read right to left. The stage of "planning," a visual representation of painting on the right, is usually the first step in any process, so it makes sense to start here. There is also alchemical symbolism, alluding to history painting, so start on the right:

Right painting

The painting on the right is called planning knowledge. Esoteric interpretation of its symbolism is what is planned and what knowledge she has in mind.

Photo: Boy on Masonic Masonic floor.

Here we see the blond boy standing on a standard Masonic checkerboard floor. His legs are at an angle of 90 degrees, according to the Masonic initiation ritual:

Question: "On his return to the Lodge, where you will be as a young student?

Answer: In the northeast corner, my legs form a right angle, my body erect, at the right hand of the Worshipful Master in the east, to stand as a man and Mason, and I will be given the right to attend and act as a Mason. "

— Malcolm Duncan,, and Masonic rituals.

Below boy showing people dressed in business suits, who seem to planning something, pointing at the Masonic boy. Is the boy a "new generation"?

The blond boy is very reminiscent of the same boy in the middle of one of the murals in Denver International Airport.

Photo: Boy perekovyvaet sword plowshare. Please note that the boy dressed in traditional Bavarian costume … perhaps the Bavarian Illuminati?

Burning bush, a woman in the cube and pyramid

Photo: Symbolism Overload

The boy is a tree on fire, which refers to the Burning Bush in the Old Testament. Burning Bush is of great importance in Masonic ritual, especially for 33 degrees, what is the members are considered "near the Burning Bush."

"At the end of the third it is written, while tending a flock of Jethro Moses at Mount Horeb," the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the burning bush, "and the first time he told her the Ineffable Name. The image of the burning bush is used for initiation into the Royal Arch degree (Rite Royal Arch is considered by experts on the history of Freemasonry kind supplement the Master's degree, which includes, in particular, and the rituals associated with the acquisition of the "true" name of God, approx. Mixednews). In almost all ancient cultures Fire symbolizes the Divine. Burning Bush, or burning, but a fireproof bush in which God appeared to Moses, the symbol of God's light and truth in Freemasonry stands for the highest degree of dedication as well as the sunrise — the lowest. This is a great source of "true" Masonic light. Therefore, the supreme council of the thirty-third degree designate their meetings and sign official documents, "near NK", ie at the burning bush image to designate itself a unique source of all Masonic knowledge "

Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry ", Part 1

In the background — Egyptian pyramid, the main symbol of the sacrament in the occult teachings.

Strange detail images — transparent cube, hanging from the sky on thin filaments. In it, as in a trap — a woman. What does this symbol? Maybe it is the common man, stuck within the material world and managed over the unseen forces?

Stairs and Black Sun

Photo: Jacob's ladder and a black sun

On the left shows the steps leading, apparently, to the heavens. This is a classic symbol for the gradual ascent to the public on / Illuminati through the comprehension of the mysteries of Freemasonry.

Photo: Masonic engraving: the steps leading from the Masonic floor to the sky

In the sky — Black Sun, another esoteric symbol. In alchemical teaching says that there are two suns. One of them — the invisible and ethereal, is pure "philosophical gold". The second — the material, the only easily understand the uninitiated, and known in the occult symbolism as the "Black Sun".

In alchemy, Black Sun (Sol niger) is called the result of the first stage of the Great Work, which begins with a "smear", that is firing crude metal and ends with converting it into pure gold.

Today, the image of the Black Sun is mostly associated with the Nazis and the occult organizations, such as the Temple of Set (an organization founded in 1975 by U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael A. Aquino and preaches a philosophy of "rational self-interest", approx. Mixednews). Sometimes this character occurs in a rather unexpected places, such as these:

Photo: Bracken House in London. Winston Churchill's face in the center of the Black Sun.

… And in the Denver International Airport.

Photo: Black Sun on the floor of the Great Hall as overshadows Golden.

Right fresco, therefore, represents the first stage of the Great Work, the so-called "Research in Black," which has yet to be implemented. Work itself symbolizes the Black Sun.

People dressed in business suits are concerned, apparently, a new generation of Masonic youth. (One of them is striking resemblance to the founder of the Order of the Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt.) "Uninitiated", meanwhile, awaits his fate in a transparent cube, controlled by invisible puppeteers.

Average mural

Average fresco — Chaos / Creativity. It depicts a rapid transition. Many details indicate the deep confusion that seems to cover all sectors of society and the foundations of civilization. The crowd can be considered pieces of military, religious, and many other protesters …

Photo: Barbed wire, network, and soldiers on the streets have to convince the viewer that the lack of order — also a form of oppression. This nun, too, does not look particularly happy.

On the left shows a man in a suit of chemical protection, which probably would lead the viewer to think about the existence of some chemical warfare.

Photo: Man in chemical protection suit

This figure, and not only they, like the image on one of the murals at Denver airport … most, perhaps, an ominous one.

At the Denver airport mural — the figure of the military in a Nazi uniform and mask, trampling endless queue of sad people. Chemical warfare, military repression, dead babies — the same characters …

If we look at the top of the fresco, we see translucent bodies that revolve in a fiery whirlwind. Rather, they mean that chaos affects the metaphysical, cosmic or astral levels.

Photo: Naked bodies in the fiery crater

This round fiery crater also resembles the sun. Pale gold color and transparency of the figures evoke the middle stages of the great alchemical work, called "Working in the white." Jung (Carl G. Jung — Swiss psychiatrist, had a significant impact on cultural studies, comparative religion and mythology, approx. Mixednews) compared this step with daybreak, the preparation for the next and final stage, which he calls the sunrise. In occult symbolism associated with the rise in red. And of course, this color mural on the left has a special role.

Left fresco

Left mural on the theme "Creation / Construction." In the center — a figure of a worker with a shovel in hand, surveying the results of their work. Sticking out of his back pocket a piece of red cloth, which is also very symbolic. Red, as mentioned above, has a very important role. This color is associated with the final stage of the alchemical Great Work, "Working in the red."

In the occult teachings alchemical transformation can occur at several levels: in the matter, when crude metal is converted into pure gold, on the spiritual and philosophical when uninformed "reborn" into a new life. In the traditional teaching of the secret society of the world considered as the subject of alchemical transformation. Imperfection is necessary in order to be "transformed into pure gold", so that it reflected the sky, according to the alchemical axiom, "As above, so below." Does this mean that the occult elite considers building a new world order of their "Great Work"?

Sleeping Giant

Photo: He's dead or asleep? And what did the letters «EQ»?

Strange fragment of a fresco — a man, barely visible against the land. What does this mean? Deep sleep or death? A similar picture can be seen on one of the murals at Denver International Airport.

Photo: Helpless sleeping (or dead) little boy under a red blanket

What do these murals?

Like any art, inspired by the ideas of elitism, murals main office Bank of America, the largest U.S. bank, designed to understand a few of "initiation." However, it can be assumed that they describe the three stages of the forthcoming transformation of the world — The design, chaos and achievement. Each stage corresponds to a certain color Masonic alchemical process: Nigredo (Work in black), Albedo (work in white) and Rubedo (Work in red).

These images are largely consonant with murals at Denver International Airport. They also read by the terrible history of the building of "peace and harmony with nature" by the death and chaos.

The first mural is a collection of occult symbols, some of which directly point to Freemasonry. It is striking that the image is in the lobby of the main office of the largest U.S. bank, and not in a Masonic lodge. But perhaps it is not by accident. The mural group "on", ie those who may be entrusted to the very first part of Masonic work, idea, no doubt, are men in business suits. And maybe they do not accidentally tie in harmony with the red and white checkerboard floor.

In the second mural — civil unrest, riots, protests and repression. The people are usually solved by public protest or the steep fall in the standard of living, or the adoption of highly unpopular laws. Does this piece of abolition of civil liberties and the establishment of a police state? There is also a metaphysical aspect of the image presented by swirling naked bodies, which themselves resemble the sun. That, in all likelihood, represents chaos and cosmic level.

The last mural is related to the final stage of the mission. The man in the center of the sweep work done. At the same time, some workers underground still do hard labor. That is, the Masonic work can never be finished completely. This mural reminds me of the movie Metropolis (silent film, shot by German director Fritz Lang in 1927, approx. Mixednews), where working humbly and silently sent to the underground industry "hell" to keep the utopia elitism. Looking at these workers, I can not recall the Chilean miners who last year spent underground seventy days.

In conclusion

Frescoes of Bank of America — further evidence of the existence of a certain secret plan of the elite, which is kept secret from "outsiders." Gigantic figures, though on display, but obviously designed to understanding the chosen few. They reflect the philosophy of the elite, their occult knowledge and plans for the future. Like all works of art, murals can be interpreted on different levels and come to different conclusions.

However, it is difficult not to draw attention to recurring themes of frescoes Bank of America and the International Airport in Denver. It is impossible not to notice how they resonate with the content of the inscriptions on the tablets of Georgia (a large granite monument in Elbert County in the state of Georgia, which has an inscription on the eight current and four ancient languages, the first of which reads: "Let the world's population will never exceed 500,000,000 , staying in constant balance with nature ", approx. mixednews). In all these strange places we find the same occult symbols, the predictions of the "new era", contempt for the mass of the uninitiated, the glorification of repression and war, etc. Consistency in their symbolism, tone and content is obvious.

I conclude that for these and many other strange images is the same group of people. We do not know their names, but some of them we know for sure: they are incredibly rich, incredibly powerful, and we are extremely unpleasant to them, because they do not belong to a narrow circle of "elite".

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