Ancient Samarkand, when he became a great Timur

The Silk Road once played an important role in bringing artistic values of the East and the West. Each year, wishing to caravan routes, visit museums in the open air, to see the city of relics, is increasing. In Uzbekistan architectural treasures scattered among them gems … Samarkand and Bukhara.
Ancient Samarkand, when he became a great Timur and his grandson Ulugbek, during this period era begins flowering. Built walls, the citadel, built large streets, erected a magnificent ensemble of thirteen parks and gardens.
On the southern slope of the necropolis stretches: Cemetery Street, Shahi — Zinda. Along the street are drawn various mosques and mausoleums, their walls shimmer patterned mosaic of blue and shades of blue, sparkling in the sun.
Closer to downtown, tower remains of the once great beauty of the main mosque of Bibi — Khanum. Timur ordered the construction of the largest building of its east. Haste in construction, the huge size of rooms and the earthquake caused the destruction of the grand structure. Mosque decorated glazed bricks, mosaics, marble carving, painting and gilding.
A conqueror lies in "grave master" Gur-Emir. He is like a blue tulip, folded petals. Dome of the mausoleum and long ribbed, like a bud. The walls of the tomb recruited from yellow, green marble and decorated with gold and blue ornaments. And there is a crypt under the floor of the governor.
Samarkand can talk about for a long time, and already you can see the front of the fertile Bukhara — when the "pillar of Islam." A hundred years ago, a dozen people had about two hundred mosques, madrassas there are ten thousand students. The city was founded in the first century BC. The variety of Bukhara: these mosques and madrasas, and the city walls, baths, tombs, gates. The pearl is the mausoleum of the Samanids. He is, for a square, with a slightly sloping walls, the top of which is crowned with a dome. More odinm architectural symbol of Bukhara is great minaret Kalyan. It was built in 1127, and it is the highest in Asia. It's impossible not to talk about Labi — House. This pond, rectangular pool with cut corners, surrounded by three mosques.
The city has 140 monuments of architecture and to visit them to have patience and time.

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