Andrei Skurko: Warnings Our field is too formal

18 May a judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus Viktor Kurylo will consider the complaint of the independent newspaper "Nasha Niva" the third edition of warning from the Ministry of Information. It was issued on April 14 and April 29, "Nasha Niva" he appealed.

The judge Victor Kurils are just two court cases that involve "Our Niwa" and the Ministry of Information. At the initiative of the Ministry filed for termination of the publication of the newspaper. Edition, in turn, seeks to abolish the warnings from April 14.

Victor Kuril decided to first consider the complaint of "Nasha Niva". This solution, as evidenced by the experts, has its own logic. If the court cancels the warning from April 14, while the Ministry of Information will no longer automatically claim the closure of the publication. The fact that the output stop the publication can be when it is in any one calendar year has received at least two warnings. However, to initiate the sort of thing the ministry can not later than two months from the time of the warning.

In the "Nasha Niva" warning of 14 on April 3. "But — says its editor Andrei Skurko, — the first two warnings we have received in the last year in July. That is, they zadavnenyya and lose its strength. Within two months after, as given warnings, you can start a business on liquidation. If later it is — no. And so, on the third warning canceled or not, depends on whether a legitimate reason to close the newspaper. "

Mr. Skurko also believes that all three warnings too
formal order to eliminate the newspaper "Nasha Niva": "As a final warning and that a dispute with Marina Shubich and in general with the tragedy of April 11 in the metro, it is really in the first minute, the first few hours after the tragedy, we felt obliged to give as much information about what's going on. Clearly, in this
agent information flow due to people were in shock, they could
give us some untested evidence. However, all were wrong. Even the security forces, which are recorded in the list of the killed several people alive. "


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