Andrew Rosinskiy — 5 of Belarusian books for the stage


Belarusian annals and chronicles.

Minsk, "Logos, 1997

Stories in this book successfully declared themselves on the Belarusian scene. And I have no doubt that they will still be put. In these yearsinventories — "Legend of the Polotsk princes", including the legend of Rogneda. By the way, the story of Rogneda was staged at the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Is there a "Chronicle of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania", "Chronicle Byhovtsa", "Barkulabovskogo Chronicle", which will be enough not only to one "Vytautas". (This is a historical play Dudareva, embodied by Kupala scene). But the most fortunate, "The Tale of Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radziwill." According to the story already delivered two plays by different authors.

Salome Pilshtynova-Rusetskaya. The adventures of my life.

Minsk, "Fiction", 1993

The book is replete with Rusetskaya adventures. And it's stormy adventures of the 18th century and eastern exoticism. Judge for yourself.

The heroine of the book in 14 years, along with her husband, the doctor went to Istanbul. There she learned medical skills, traveling with her husband, her children treated patients had high Turkish dignitaries, sister of the Sultan and his concubines. Then Rusetskaya widowed, married again, and helped prisoners captured soldiers bathed. Irrepressible Salome had time to get to St. Petersburg to the Empress Anna Ivanovna, and Shults — Rybonka to Michael Radziwill and his wife Františka Ursula Radziwill.

And in the book, all these adventures are described. And intertwined with additional stories — about Nerona, the victory of the Apostle Peter over Syman magician and a lot more about. Playwright is only with this rich and colorful adventure books make up one (or several pieces).

Larissa Heniyush. Confession.

Minsk, "Fiction, 1993

This book is not as fun as the adventure Rusetskaya, because the fate of the author and the main character other. This book — a burning human document, and the document of the era. The most dramatic development in it, in my opinion, the scene with Tsanava, Stalin's Minister of State Security in Belarus, who personally interrogated by Larissa Heniyush — and what a poet he says, and he shouts back.

"Confessions" is not well-organized, and how to play as a complete novel. But there is a fate most Heniyush, is her poetry, which, together with the book-spoveddyu create the drama of life.

Frantisek Olehnovich. Spin is not cool — it is necessary pamyartsi.

In the book "Frantisek Olehnovich. Selected Works. " Minsk, "Logos", 2005

The fourth character of my rating — Death. She is a key figure of three Belarusian works with a close subject, so it is difficult to any one of them to choose from. In all these works are cheating death. Her vvyaznivayuts in a barrel with an alcohol in a silver snuff-box — or even canceled with the help of science. But a society without death rages — and frees her. This is — a scenic grotesque Francis OLEKHNOVICH "Spin not cool — should pamyartsi" fairy tale Zmitraka Byadulya "Silver snuff" and extravaganza Kondrat Nettles "The Gates of immortality." The most powerful position in the scenic grotesque Francis OLEKHNOVICH "Spin not cool — should pamyartsi." (Why is only one "friend Lucifer" and the cries of citizens "For the life of Death will spare no!")

But his short grotesque enough. He could get more weight if there were other storylines and characters. It is interesting to do and stage production based on the works of the "imprisoned Death." And you can push off from and biographies. In OLEKHNOVICH it meandering. With the Solovki, the book "In the clutches of the GPU" — and a mysterious murder. And you can give, and a double portrait of Death and its absmyayalnikav — OLEKHNOVICH th Byadulya.

Alexander Fyaduta. Lukashenko. A Political Biography.

Moscow, 2005

And finally, the underrated theatrical book, a play on which we see every day. But — the hero of the corresponding. I understand that the presence of the book in the list — but with such a hero — will protest. But what I can do: Book scenic.

What are the conversations that plot twists! And Fyaduta writes beautifully, very lively, very theatrical.

The hero of his book until recently was a regular street performances and performances. You know, brought to prezydentsyi truck with manure portrait pierced pitchforks. Or on the pavement ran cross-country skiers in the moustached masks, they were caught doctors (and doctors and "skier" catching the police). In meetings puppetry hero lent canopy Herod.

But Fyaduta proved — it can be play by the rules of high drama. It remained for the point — and sometimes that turns everything into the past. And this play, despite the current intrusive presence of the protagonist in the Belarusian stage for how many years — promises to be interesting, as the approaching denouement.



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