Anomalous snow fell in Central China

Anomalous snow fell in Central China

In the central Chinese province of Sichuan dropped a thick layer of snow. From this rare phenomenon in the state reserve in Volun affected over 240,000 bamboo trees.

Heavy snowfall began in the evening on March 20. 4 hours 15 inches of rain fell. And according to the 17 hours of March 21, the thickness of the snow cover in some areas has reached 22 cm suffer disproportionately forestry and agriculture, entered the road. In the village of Volun canceled school classes, stopped construction.

Of natural disturbances in the area did not have the last 20 years, says the Chinese edition of "Chengdu Commercial Gazette."

According to the management of the reserve Volun, snowfall severely damaged more than 240,000 bamboo trees on an area of 2,100 hectares.

According to an employee of the reserve, the bamboo grove is designed mainly to provide food of pandas, so the damage is relatively large.

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