Anti-missile systems «URANIUM» — cruise missiles X-35

Anti-missile systems

Antiship cruise missile Kh-35 (3M24) «Uranus» is designed to defeat fast missile, torpedo and gun boats and other surface ships with a displacement of 5000 tons, acting without the help of others or in convoys and landing parties day and NIGHT MODE, in both conventional and complex weather conditions in the criteria for electronic and fire resistance.


Development of complex ship «Uranus» cruise missile Kh-35 (another name of ship-based missiles — 3M24) for arming small boats and ships of medium tonnage was set USSR CM Resolution and the CPSU Central Committee of 16 April 1984. Parent company — developer OKB «Star», the chief designer — G.I.Hohlov.

Complex «Uranus» consists of anti-ship cruise missiles sea-based transport and launch container, launcher, automatic ship control systems and complex ground equipment with equipment checks missiles.

One reason for the adoption of this solution was a military conflict (1982) between Britain and Argentina in the area of ​​the disputed Falkland Islands (Malvinas) using RCC. in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the USSR from 16.03.1983 In the beginning it was designed as a compact set of ship-based missile to equip the boats and ships of medium tonnage.

In accordance with the tactical and technical specifications rocket range of 130 km was to hit targets covered air defenses and produce flight at a height of 3-5 m above the crests of waves at sea up to 6 points. In developing the most advanced anti-ship missiles were used, including and digital technology. Deadline AAC was defined in 1986

Draft project was protected in 1983, but the requirement to equip missiles fundamentally latest homing required (GOS of «Radar» MMC) of longer works, which were completed in 1992 (the beginning of the second step of flight design ispytaniy0. 1 s-3 launch from shore launcher were unsuccessful. In January 1987 held a successful launch of the fourth. 2nd step test took place in 1992-1998. GOS with the standard. Municipal complex tests successfully completed in 2003

Anti-missile systems

Ship missile system «Uran-E» with a missile Kh-35 is designed to defeat fast missile, torpedo and gun boats, surface ships and also transports (up to 5,000 tons displacement), acting without the help of others or in convoys and amphibious forces of enemy in the criteria of electronic and fire resistance. ;

KRK «Uran-E» can be installed on frigates, corvettes, missile boats, and ships and Russian zabugornoy built in their modernization.


KRK «Uran-E» significantly increases the striking power of surface ships. So, when mounted on a missile boat pr.20970 «Katran» (CMDB «Diamond») with 8 RCC 3M24E (X-35) in 2-launchers (PU) striking power boats, in comparison with the boat pr.205 (205ER) increased more than 3 times. When significant (8-16 missiles) ammunition and small interval start ensured massive use of rockets almost simultaneously with their approach to the target at low altitude as possible. On missile boat pr.1241.8 can be installed with 16 missiles AAC grouped in packages of four. Chance installation KRK «Uran-E» on patrol ships pr.11541 «Pirate» and ships built for export. Targeting data on surface targets provided 3TS25E radar system with active and passive modes of targeting. KRK «Uran-E» can be used at sea force 5-6.

On the basis of unification missiles Object-based CRC 3M24 made coastal antiship missile complex «Ball» Aviation and option (for airplanes with the Kh-35U and helicopters with the Kh-35B). Helicopter version can be used helicopters Ka-27 and Ka-28 aircraft — MiG-29K and MiG-29 SMT, Su-30MK, Su-35, Yak-141, frontline bombers Su-24M, ASW aircraft Tu-142M and other.

Anti-missile systems
Export version of the X-35 X-35E (3M24E) «Uran-E»

The Kh-35 (3M24)

Antiship cruise missile Kh-35 (3M24) «Uranus» is designed to defeat fast missile, torpedo and gun boats and other surface ships with a displacement of 5000 tons, acting without the help of others or in convoys and landing parties day and NIGHT MODE, in both conventional and complex weather conditions in the criteria for electronic and fire resistance.

X-35 is a subsonic aircraft, made by conventional aerodynamic configuration with located on the bottom vozduhopoglotitelem trapezoidal type «semi-flush tunnel,» X-shaped arrangement of the wings and stabilizers. Rocket sea, land and helicopter-based stabilizers and wing folding. Glider missiles — welded, made of duralumin alloys. GOS closed radio waves from fiberglass fairing EDT 10kW.

The propulsion system includes a compact marching turbojet engine turbofan-50AT and start solid rocket boosters, resettable after working (based on aircraft missiles missing). The motor is using pirostartera. Rod — 450 kgs. Width — 330 mm, length — 850 mm. Dry weight — 82 kg.

Control system — a combination includes an inertial and active radar homing seeker-35 for the final segment. ARS-35 provides a surface target detection; selection of targets to be slain; definition of the target position in azimuth and elevation, distance to the target and the convergence rate for the purpose; issuance target coordinates defined in the missile guidance system. Can be applied both in single and rockets for group use. Provides guidance missile to the target sector in the azimuth angles of ± 45 °, in elevation — +10 ° to -20 °. Most acts range — up to 20 km. Can be applied at any time of the day at an ambient temperature of ± 50 ° C, with rainfall intensity up to 8 mm / h, sea state up to 6 points.

Anti-missile systems
X-35U «Uranium-U» modification with increased up to 260 km range and GOS with a range up to 50 km acts.

For a flight to ultra low (5-10 m, on final — 3-5 m) above sea level on the X-35 missile radar altimeter RWE consisting of a transceiver unit and 2-antennas. It allows high accuracy (up to 1 meter) to determine the height of the rocket in the range from 1 to 5000 meters, even with its active maneuvering (± 15 ° tilt and ± 20 ° in pitch angle).

Board control with a combined guidance system and radio altimeter allow rocket flown to the target at the maximum low altitudes with high subsonic speed. Control of a rocket in flight, its stabilization on the line of motion and the conclusion in the intended location of the target area provides inertial control system.

Upon irradiation enemy radar missile can do evasive maneuver «slide» and «snake».

Warhead — penetrating high-explosive. Weight — 145 kg. Undermining occurs warhead detonation device pin signals on target or when flying over the target.

Storage, transport and combat use of missiles sea and land basing carried out in a transport-launch container. In the central part of TPK have rectangular frames to join them in bags and mounting on the launcher. Can be re-introduction of the container after the rehabilitation works.

For aircraft variant missiles X-35 used aircraft launchers (AAP), which are created to secure the RCC to the media and connectivity onboard equipment control system Planes or helicopter guidance systems and devices to ensure the rocket. As can be consumed AAP AAP-78 or CRA-58.

Launchers provide not only launch rockets and storage on the ship, and their unstressed TPK loading a ship at sea. They also reduce to an acceptable level for the rocket running, drums and pulse overloads arising, for example, the explosion of the ship nearby mines, bombs and other weapons. Monitor the status of missiles entering the flight assignments and conduct launch operations are automated; preparation for the launch of a cool state is 60 seconds.

The principal feature is its missiles 3M24 unification (Object) due to its relatively small mass-dimensional features. Version of the ship missiles significantly expands the combat abilities of surface ships of the Navy. Thus, when the substitution of the armament complexes obsolete missile ammunition can be increased from 4 to 16 and more than units without increasing displacement, deterioration of architecture and habitability of the ship. Black Sea Fleet in this example is the TFR «Sharp-witted.» This large anti-submarine ship of the project at 61 modernizitsii it in 1990-95. project 01090 in place of available 2-shot RBU-1000 received 8 guides for containers antiship missiles «Uranus»

On the basis of the ship’s 3M24 excluding complex «Uranus» made — coastal antiship complex «Ball» also air option (two versions: for airplanes — Kh-35U and helicopters — missile X-35B).


Range acts km


Flight altitude march / end, m


Flight speed, m / s


Angle maneuver from the strip rate deg.


Pointing accuracy (CEP), m


Starting weight (with accelerator), kg

480 (680)

Warhead weight, kg


Missile length (accelerator), m

3.75 (4.4)

Diameter casing, m

to 0.42

Wingspan, m


Range acts CSG km


Range of operating temperatures, hail.

-50 — 50

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