Anton Astapovich — against on the Castle Hotel in Minsk


In a statement, Anton Astapovich refers to the planned construction of the Castle Hotel in the street. There, on the request of the municipal unitary enterprise (PMC) "Minsk heritage" and according to the project of the architect of creative workshop B.Kostsicha Building trust number 1, work began on the construction of a new hotel complex. Under the official title of the project building served as the "Restoration of monuments of history and culture of the 19th century. — Building number 25, number 27, and on the street. Castle into a hotel complex."

According to Anton Astapovich, developed and coordinated the project, which is now realized nothing to do with the norms of the current legislation on the protection of historical and cultural heritage has not. He, according to Chairman of the Society for Protection of Monuments, is a new construction in the territory of the complex historical and cultural values and violates Art. 27, 28, 36 of the Law "On the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage Republic of Belarus"Art. 6, 20 of the "Law of architecture, urban planning, construction activity in the Republic of Belarus"As well as building codes Belarus regulating the performance of work on tangible immovable historical and cultural values Republic of Belarus.

In this regard, Anton Astapovich asks public authorities to inspect the activities of the Ministry of Culture, which has issued the relevant permit.



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