Anton Astapovich preparing an open letter to the Minister of Culture

Open letter to the Minister of Culture of Belarus Pavel Latushko prepares Republican Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture. This is "Radio Liberty" today the head of this organization, Anton Astapovich:

"Last night we had our little meeting, which expressed concern about the work of the Ministry of Culture, aimed at preserving the historical and cultural heritage. And then decided to write an open letter to the Minister with a list of all violations in this area. And we will ask Mr. Latushko that he finally brought here the constitutional order, as it had been personally responsible for the activities of their subordinates.

Some media reported that our society is supposedly already written a letter to the Alexander Lukashenko , demanding that Paul Latushko from office. This is not true. Please send an open letter, and we will wait for the reaction head of the ministry. If he admavchytstsa or send an inadequate response, then the case can reach up to appeal to the president. And even if this appeal is ripe, it is also will be made in plain letters. "


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