Applicants for the post of president in Grodno think of a single candidate

On Sunday, the Grodno regional conference held coalition United Democratic Forces. It was 71 delegate almost all the districts of the region. The head of the regional coalition Yury Istomin said that they are following roles: BNF, UCP, "Fair World", BSDG (Shushkevich) and the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "G" (Lyaukovich). There were also representatives of the Movement "For Freedom" and other public organizations.

At first there was talk about the experience of interaction in the last local elections of representatives of various political parties. The second part of the conference was devoted to the future of the presidential campaign, including determine the prospects of a single candidate as an alternative to Alexander Lukashenko. Made by politicians who are now expressed the desire to participate in the presidential election: Gregory Kastusyou (BPF) Yaroslav Romanchuk (UCP) Milinkevich (Movement "For Freedom") Yuri Glushakov (Green Party). Also made co-chairman of the organizing committee of the BCD George Dzmitruk.

Participants attended Milinkevich and Paul Mozheyko.

The participants of the conference were two approval: the work of the candidates who participated in the recent local elections, and — with regard to the upcoming presidential election.

The participants of the conference.



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