Archaeological Museum in California robbed of $ 2 million

Police of California looking for two robbers who stole from the archaeological museum gems and gold nuggets worth about 2 million dollars, reports on Tuesday night by the Associated Press.

According to police, the two men who were with him a small ax, climbed into a museum in the town of Mariposa on Friday.

Most likely, the main purpose of criminals was a nugget of gold weighing 6.3 kilograms, which was found during the "gold rush" in the early twentieth century. However, the robbers did not steal it, as the alarm went off. Arrived on the scene the police in a museum one was found.

According to the report, the authorities hope to soon find the kidnappers, as they will be difficult to sell such rare artifacts.

In February, in California, there was another similar case. Unknown smashed the glass booth at the District Court of Uayrika, where they were exhibited as exhibits of gold nuggets, they took them and fled.

Currently, investigators are trying to find out, are not connected to each other if the two cases.

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