Armageddon 2012: The Trail-Camping bring a good luck

Armageddon 2012 is much dimmer than the Albion in the autumn days. It is hard to guess where in the Earth can avoid these disasters. But many have already "pricked skiing" in the so-called places of power. For example, many believe that the Apocalypse will not affect Diveevo (village near Nizhny Novgorod, where the Orthodox sanctuary Seraphim Diveevo monastery).

It is said that St. Seraphim of Sarov, predicted that the Antichrist would crush a lot of churches, but can not do anything with Diveevo. In addition, thousands of mystics are going to wait out the event on December 21 at the top of the mountain Bugarash (France). Why this mountain — occultists can not explain, just believe in her super powers.

They say that will survive Armageddon and neighborhood Svyatogorsk monastery in Donbas. According to mythology ready on here divine battle aces and Vans. And if in the large-scale battle survived the mountain, and the other parts of the world to them uneasy.

But should you get cold in the winter in the mountains? Maybe go to a more comfortable tour? For example, take the ocean liner and go around the world! The idea is good, but the prices are terrible Day of Judgment! $ 60 thousand for a seat in the cabin!

You can repeat the journey Filiasa Fogh — 80 days around the world. But you will need to get a visa to the United Kingdom, India, China, Japan and the U.S.. Walking around "consular pangs" will take 50 days! But that can stop those who choose to pofestivalit "predarmagedonnye days"?! Especially since the festivals this fall and early winter is scheduled abound. In October, you can go to the "Oktoberfest" the world's biggest beer festival in Munich. In the same month in Italy (Perugia) starts the festival of chocolate. On the third Thursday of November in France starts holiday wine. The list is long! But even a trip to the Crimea can be useful. Astrologer Vlad Ross said that on December 21 it is better to rest somewhere in the middle of nature, in solitude and harmony with the environment. Those who spend the day, will be able to get lucky by the tail, they will run of luck!

Cons: WILL actively try to deceive you

Pilot Baba, Mahayogi of India (Maha — the highest level of skill) argues that the end of the world may not happen at all. Guru says that every person has their own karma, your life path. It can not be so, that 7 billion people on Earth all matched so that they were killed in a single day! "The end of the world, and will scare us in 2013, and in 2014 and 2015. There will always be people who want to make a fuss about the Apocalypse, and to capitalize on this "- reasonable notice Pilot Baba. The idea is sound. According to the logic of predictors: money, jewelry, apartments and other material benefits in the days of Armageddon will not be needed. Hence, there is a wish to transfer them to safer hands. Fear will help you find a "particularly reliable people" — from the prophets to lzherostovschikov. Do not listen to your own, to prevent fraudsters to pocket your money!

Physical training: running and goat milk

The strongest will survive. In the context of this phrase physical training sessions seem arhiumestnymi. And to begin a 100-day training must with running. But not to December 21 to try to get away from the end of the world aimlessly. "Running develops endurance, but it is useful when you perform other exercises, — says Denis Minin, leader of the street vorkaut in Ukraine (outdoor sport that does not require special conditions for training and expensive equipment). — If you try, the 100 days you can be up to 40% stronger and more durable. "

Basic exercises besides running: push-ups, training on parallel bars, pull-ups, sit-ups. But the key to success — and even nutrition. Fast food and sugary soda categorically contraindications! The diet of cereals are required, their heroic Denis calls this meal. For sportpodgotovki need dairy products, especially goat's milk. "It contains B vitamins, which promote the formation of blood cells and regulate metabolism
processes in the body. It is also full of sialic acid, is largely formed human immunity, "- said Denis.

INTUITION: exercises on the desk

We think, no need to explain how important intuition in "total end." But in times of peace, it is a safeguard against hasty steps or tell winning move. "Intuition — the ability to be attentive to notice the signs, which sends you a fortune — said the psychic Simon Borodin. — If you want to strengthen it, you first need to develop attention and visual memory.

Try this simple exercise: put a few items on the table, look at them carefully. Close your eyes and try to imagine his desk in every detail. Open your eyes, compare the picture. Gradually increase the number of items on the table.

In addition, try to remember your dreams. Try to enter a lucid dream, control over the dream. Developing logical thinking (there are special textbooks). And within 10 days of your intuition will be stronger than in 2 times. More — more. "

SURVIVAL RATE: will power is stronger than death

"In extreme cases, the main thing — to believe in themselves and do not give up, — says Igor Tchaikovsky, the ex-intelligence officer, an expert on survival in extreme situations. — According to statistics, 80% of those killed — just give up, stop fighting for his life. If hard, and I want to give up, think about what we are born for a reason, that our life has a purpose. Want to give up — look back on those years. Only if you have attained? Did that, for what was he born? Such thoughts help to gather, make the seemingly impossible. "

At our request, Igor reflect on what to do when disasters and catastrophes come to your city. Think about that the food in the city will soon be over, stores will be looted within hours. Out of town (in the village or in the forest) more likely not to die of hunger. Better to leave the metropolis on foot — easy to imagine the panic and what plugs are on the road, when all those who rush to escape as he can. Stocks warm clothing appropriate even when it's thaw — everything can change in a matter of hours. Before the storm the gun shop, think: Do you know how to use a gun? "There is a saying: who has a knife — in fact, there is food. And I repeat: do not lose faith in yourself! The one who has a solid spirit — to transcend any disasters or epidemics, "- says Tchaikovsky.
Author: Vlad Abramov

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