Artem fungus. Portrait against a grid.


I'm familiar with him recently, in September last year. He likes heavy rock, loves to play the guitar. She writes poetry, reads a lot. Go to concerts. In a letter he wrote from prison that he wanted to go to the speech's favorite band, which just came in the winter. He has what he wants, but in the near future it will not succeed.

We met him at work. Artem very good person, never refused to help in any difficult situation — I'm convinced of it personally. He quickly joined the group. Immediately all said what a good boy came to us, hard-working.

With the conclusion of a letter he wrote and collectively come together. And they gathered gear, brought to jail. Its all very fond of.

Artem kept in handcuffs and even laughing, and it pleases. Although, I feel it is very bad. And the court — is a big circus, how can you?!.

December 19 he, as always, met me after work. And he says, maybe go for a walk today? But I said that I was a little tired, come another time. She said, let's go home together, everything will be fine. He walked one. Then after half an hour I got a call. Says all of Light, I already took. It gives me this feeling was terrible. He was taken to Zhodino, where he served 10 days. And then on Jan. 12 from job took him away, drove straight into handcuffs and taken to jail on Volodarskogo. I sent him a registered letter. When he was arrested a second time, he was held in the first KGB jail. I went to transfer the transfer, but was not accepted.

I do not watch the Belarusian TV because it's a lie.

Now I go every day to the trial, when free from work. Artem kept in handcuffs and even laughing, and it pleases. Although, I feel it is very bad. And the court — is a big circus, how can you?!.

Received letters from jail by Artem. He sent me a poem about love, about the feeling. He wrote that he had written a lot about our country, the situation as a whole, about the police. But he can not send them to me, because, says he has some story behind it sew. Here is a poem that I have received a letter from Artem. He is very dear to me:

Baby, what our age!
We've still yet to come.
All this is temporary: adversity,
Rain, rain and sorrow.

And the sun peep out, dry
Your tears on her cheeks.
It melts our hearts
And all the woes dispel the dust.

And you and I dream to meet
Will, Chagall only forward.
You will smile, I answer.
All this is us, baby, waiting.

Confident going into an embrace,
Keeping the spring flowers.
And all around the melt haze.
There's only forever, you and me.

Svetlana Yuronak, girlfriend Artem Gribkova

Artem Gribkov born January 6, 1989 in Karelichy. He studied at the Minsk College of light industry. In no parties was not keen on politics. He worked at the mall, "Hippo" prasavshchykom loader and a hydraulic press.


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