As Christianity gained Russ

Christianity officially started capturing Rus in 988. The official story is based on the historical writings of the chronicler Nestor. Ostensibly the story has been.

Prior to Prince Vladimir in Russia reigned paganism. A neighboring nations began to offer Vladimir take their faith. Vladimir in Kiev called Muslims, Jews and Christians of the Roman and Byzantine Christians. Then, he heard every ambassador and made his final choice on Byzantine brand of Christianity.

This canonical officially patented version is based on a single source, "Chronicle." Most terrible heresy in scientific circles as if anyone dares to the authenticity of this "Tale" doubt.

Lzhivopastny (from — lying mouth) Nestor

According to Nestor, first to Vladimir one another are some messengers who profess a particular faith. Namely: the Moslems, "the Germans out of Rome," the Jews and the Greeks. Begins Muslim.

And he asked Vladimir:

— What is your faith?

He answered:

— We believe God, and Muhammad taught us this: circumcision, not eating pork, drinking wine, but after death, says you can do adultery with the wives.

Continue to report to the prince turns out, in this earthly life, you can "indulge every forbidding fornication."

Not bad? Can you imagine a zealous missionary, who preach to the Gentiles abut mainly to the fact that his faith allows us to "indulge every forbidding fornication"? This is either a missionary — a complete fool, or the whole story is a fabrication from beginning to end.

With the "Germans from Rome" and it is even funnier. In defense of their faith they are, according to Nestor, were able to mumble one single stupid phrase:

— Post by force if a man drinks or eats, then it all for the glory of God, as our teacher said Paul.

Following the Mohammedans and the "Germans" to experience the deadly wit Prince Vladimir came the turn of the Jews.

Vladimir asked them:

— Where is your land?

And they said:

— In Jerusalem. But God was angry at our forefathers, and scattered us to various countries.

Then Vladimir said:

— And if you reject God, and wasted, how dare you preach their faith?

Then, of course, comes the Greek messenger and rolls it into a dozen pages. He showed a picture of Vladimir Judgement. Then the prince shook and became brains. But the adventures do not stop there. Vladimir sends "men nice and smart, number ten," as all should explore. To visit in Muslim lands, the "Germans", and have seen how they pray to God the Greeks in Constantinople.

Nice and clever men have gone to the good faith of the Bulgarian-Muslims. They pray, they found dull, sad face, but poor churches. Then he visited "the Germans." It turned out that all rites go to sleep, but no beauty. Finally, it ended up in Constantinople. Emperor as soon as he heard about it, I decided to show the "number ten" ministry patriarch. "From Patriarch to serve many of the clergy, the iconostasis shone in gold and silver, incense filled the church, singing and poured into the soul."

From there, this gang-brother back in awe of what the prince and reported in the extreme fascination:

"And he brought us to where they worship their God, and do not know — whether in heaven or on earth, we, for there is such a spectacle on earth, and beauty is and do not know how to talk about it."

"It will work, take" — said Vladimir.

Nestor little fib. By Nestor rusichi — a full and complete morons, just yesterday skinuvshie skins that harbor, sitting in the dugout. According to Nestor, Kiev in 986 were by some stupid primitive organisms with a naive worldview. They first heard of the existence of Islam, Judaism, and the "German Faith," they had no idea of the church services in the Byzantine Empire. Landed in a complete stranger, "Greek land" appeared Papuans, razinuvshimi mouth before glittering beads. That such claim should be completed Russophobe.

Either all this comedy fabricated or "decyatero glorious men" squandered travel money, otsizhivayas somewhere in Kiev, and learned the necessary information, it is not going out of town. How could it be otherwise, if the Church of the Byzantine Rite in those days quietly existed in Kiev.

And the most important thing. The actual procedure of choice of religion is presented in a very stupid way. The main role was played by the form, not substance. These ambassadors "number ten" hit the outside of rituals, not religious sensibility (her no one tried to understand). That is to say, after listening to the Greek, and then their ambassadors, Vladimir, having no idea of what Christianity is, and began his plant. Very unlikely.

The ancient Jews — the world center zavarushek

To understand, we must again set our sights on "God's chosen." Wherever you spit, and they led all zavarushek world order. And we need to consider the ancient state — Khazaria.

Of Jews in Kiev land belongs to a very remote period. In addition, the Jews who lived before Prince Vladimir, were probably so called Khazar Jews. Oh they do not have a rigorous scientific data. What is known is that a number of stringent measures against the Jews of Justinian and the iconoclast emperor forced them to flee across the Caucasus to the banks of the Volga, the Don and the Black Sea coast. Part of the fugitives disappeared into the mass of the mountain tribes of the Caucasus, and, having lost his nationality, gave the tribes some physiological traits of the Jewish type. Other Jews found refuge among the Khazars and other tribes that lived in what is now southern Russia.

Around 730-731, one of the nobles of the Khazars Bulan refers to the Jewish faith. After that, Bulan, of course, by the inspiration from above, decided to build a temple. To raise money for its construction, he made a foray in Ardabil. All 11 successors Bulan were Jewish names.

The first call Khazars to Judaism occurred in Dagestan, where the original was an ancient Khazaria. For Research D. Dunlop, about 740 years the Khazars adopted Judaism changed, and in the year 800 — Rabbinic.

[!] Action Hagan Judaism was done in secret and was unknown to most of the Khazars. The secretive nature of faith Kagan allowed to keep the rest of the Khazars in obedience to which individuals Hagan sacred.

On the other hand, it was beneficial to buckskin and supporting his supporters, which could open in which case all the true face Hagan and deposit them in the violence.

With Arab wars 732-737 years there are important changes. The influence of one of the commanders of Khazars Bulan highly increased at the expense of power Hagan and other princes.

Existing situation took a descendant of Bulan, "the son of his sons," Khazar warlord Obadiah. He committed a coup and stripped Hagan real power.

As a consequence he was deposed Hagan to 'sacred sacrificial animal. " Kagan won only visible external authority. The real power was owned by a second person — king, Beck (in Arabic) or melehu (in Hebrew). The king could not just choose to appoint Kagan, but he could at any time to remove it.

A powerful tool to keep in subjection Kagan had a view of the common people, the Khazars maintaining Hagan "divine power" or weakening it. At any hearing of a weakening of this force Kagan could be killed "at the request of the working people" or by the workers themselves, or king (lord). Now beg owned the right to throw at Hagan hinges rite raising it to the throne and tell the people the answer strangled Hagan about the time of his reign.

Judaism, passed the tip of the power of the Khazars, sanctified the prevailing diarchy resemblance to a similar dual power in Judea. However, Judaism did not become the state religion. He remained faith narrow circle of the ruling parties — Kagan, King Bey, their immediate family members, the Khazar Jews and moneylenders people associated with the government.

Somewhere in the IX century, the Khazars uprising, which was suppressed Obadiah and his successors. Now neither Kagan nor kings do not hide their faith. By this time there was a significant change in the position of the Jews in the world. They have become an influential political force. They protected the Spanish Umayyads, French Carolingians. A significant portion of international trade in the hands of the Jews. Under their control already in most of the slave trade. Influential connections allowed Khazar Jews, rulers legitimize itself as openly dominant political group. End of VIII — IX century marked the beginning of a time of the Khazar Judaism.

This is the pore and the relocation of the capital of the Khazars prikavkazskogo Semender to Itil on the Volga (somewhere in this place there was Stalingrad, now Volgograd -). For the first time in the ancient sources Itil name appears in X century. The extension of the Khazar capital to Itil and strengthening other cities in terms of important trade routes, meant a new level of existence of the Khazars.

From a purely military government, which collected tribute and plunder, Khazars converted to commercial and parasitic state. Henceforth of income becomes intermediary trade and collecting revenues from the merchants. Ordered collection of tribute. At the same time it sought to collect tribute money, rather than natural products.

Most of the income was king, his inner circle and the Judeo-dealers. This led to the fact that the change of power dual power bek-king, and Hagan was stripped of all power and influence and turned into a kind of puppet. Trade was in the hands of the Jews who lived in all the cities of the Khazars were the main support of the authorities. The ruling circles regarded the rest of the nation as a biped working cattle. All but the nobility, were considered slaves of the king. Simple Khazars only the privilege to guard Jewish merchants. Protection of the king and his entourage carrying a special guard of 10,000 people.

How to handle a simple Khazars, seen from the response of the queen to the starving people, who turned to her for help. She advised them to hope for God's mercy.

From the letter of King Joseph in X century can read that Khazaria limited land between the lower Volga, the place of closest approach of the Volga and the Don, the left bank of the Don and the North Caucasus. The authorities were concerned about the Khazars shaking tribute to the people submissive to them, collect fees from the river and overland caravans, intermediary trade and usury.

[!] Deathblow Khazar Khanate, who put an end to its independent existence, struck Prince Svyatoslav. In 965, Prince took the Khazar fortress Sarkel (White Tower) on the Sea of Azov. In 969, the capital of the Khazars, and fell — Itil.

Meant the end of the Khazars union in one state most of the East Slavic tribes. The power of the Khazars was crushed, not only in the center of the Khazars, and in the suburbs. The end of the Khazars between freedom Directions Russia to the Caspian Sea, the Caucasus and Khorezm. Russia has opened itself free road to the east.

Jewish flood in Kiev

After that Khazar Jews were quickly overrun the Kiev land. They rushed there like locusts. They were lured there crucial Kiev, lying on the main route from prominent Greeks to the Varangian Sea. We know that in those days even existed in Kiev "kike street."

[!] One of the favorite methods of the Jews to gain power — podsovyvanii Goyim, with influence, Jewish wives ("bride of Zion").

See [Maternal genes syndrome Esther.]

[!] We already know that the vast majority of the leaders of the Soviet authorities were Yids or poluzhidami.

See [List of Nazi Soviet leaders in 1919.
The percentage of the Zionists in the Soviet structures in the years 1917-1921.]

And those who have been a non-Jew, was married to Jewish women. Lunacharsky AB was married to a Jewish woman Natalia A. Rosenthal Sap. Bukharin — by Esther Ivanovna Gurevich. Commissar Andreev AA — Dora Moiseyevna Hazan. Voroshilov — by Catherine Davidovna Dorbman. Kalinin MI — by Catherine Ivanovna Lobberg. Kirov SM — by Maria Lvovna Marcus. VM Molotov — Pauline Samuilovna Karp-Pearl (big friend of Golda Meir). LI Brezhnev — to Victoria Petrovna Goldenberg. MA Suslov, the chief ideologist of communism in the Soviet Union ("gray cardinal") — on Sudzilovskaia. Bezkonechen list.

[!] Mother of Prince Svyatoslav — Princess Olga was Christian.

Based on its Christian attitudes, she hired a Jewish housekeeper Malka (or Malunyu). Malki was the father of this "Rahab" — Rabbi of the city Lubech. At one time, this Russian city was a vassal of the Jewish Khazar Khanate, paid tribute to him and swarmed Jews, usurers, and other scum of the "God's chosen."

In 882, Prince Oleg Ljubech liberated from the invaders, but the remains were able to ingratiate himself at court. Settled down and Malka.

Nestorovskaya annals of pre-Christian censorship led to a revision of the word "Rabbi" or "Rabbi."

[!]Prince Vladimir, who even in the "Tale of Bygone Years" was called "robichich" that is, "ravvinych," was in all the history of Russia translated as "son of a slave." Although it is nowhere mentioned.

Learning that Malka conceived by Svyatoslav, who was drunk (come on, who does not happen?), Angry Princess Olga exiled her to the village Budutino near Pskov, where he was born Vladimir.

Svyatoslav himself took his fleeting connection with the housekeeper is not better.


Leaving Russia and leaving in Bulgaria, Svetoslav left two of his sons. Yaropolk was then 10 years old, and Oleg — about 9 years. But, despite their infancy, Svyatoslav planted reign Yaropolk in Kiev, and Oleg — in the Earth Drevlyane course under the supervision of the governor. He did not assign any inheritance only the youngest, Vladimir.

Novgorod learned that Prince Sviatoslav appointed special Drevlianys, offended. They sent messengers to Svyatoslav with a request for them and the prince, or else they will be called to a prince from across the sea. Yaropolk and Oleg, of course, did not go to Novgorod.

Then, on the advice of Novgorod Dobryni started asking myself to reign of Vladimir. Dobrynya he himself was an uncle, brother Malki. Svyatoslav not too fond of Novgorod for commercialism and releasing them Vladimir, said:

"Take it, for you, Prince!".

Novgorod was taken in triumph to his minor Vladimir. With him went his uncle Dobrynya Novgorod and rules, as long as Vladimir grew up.

The very name Dobrynya — seemingly a purely Russian. However, a closer examination of his name purely Jewish. Dabran — means "good speaker", "rhetorician", "talker".

[!] During the baptism of Novgorod, he showed his full scope of the Levites cruelty, meanness and deceit. All this is the result of education in the family, Rabbi Levite.

Russian record — proof of that.

Jews are taught to kill Vladimir boys

Darbayev Dobrynya-awake in vain. He sent his nephew to Judaize more training in western Russia, where he was able to get witnesses without further instruction as a powerful blow from within the last stronghold of paganism in the vast expanse of northern and western Russia — an area stretching from the White to the Black Sea.

Already during the two-year mission Vladimir paganism there is much degraded as a result of the unobtrusive-Jews "Gentiles."

They long to travel Vladimir managed to impose harsh idols and temples temples.

[!] And most importantly — human sacrifices, as a rule — boys, whose blood is in great demand.

See [Rozyskanie of the murder of the Jews of Christian children and use their blood.]

Now Vladimir knew how to avenge his hateful relatives paternal relatives for the loss of power of his maternal grandfather in Lubitsch. And especially for the defeat of the Khazar Khaganate.

Jew kills Vladimir Rus

No, of course, he does not bring to the rank Russes "chosen by God." He will blow their native world view by introducing a slave zhidofilskoy ideology of Christianity. In western Russia, he was convinced as well is "God's chosen."

Back in Novgorod with hired at the synagogue money entourage scum willing to do anything for a good price, it usurps the power in southern Russia and kills his brother Yaropolk. After all, he — only goy, bipedal animals "God's chosen."

Voss to the throne of Kiev, he detailed planning begins psevdopovyshennoe respect to paganism. Vladimir orders put previously unknown idols and worship them in rough form.

And, in addition, the sacrifice of innocent boys.

[!] "And defiled the land krovmi Ruska" — says the Chronicle.

Vladimir tried to bring the first human victim in Kiev in 983. Scandinavian sagas tell of sacrifices as Vladimir.

YetSlavic custom of never allowed such obscurantism.

The sacrificial blood was collected and sold to customers. Amusement facilities like Vladimir sought to discredit native religion otcheskuyu Russes to the example of the "wild pagan" Christianity has become more attractive.

10 years of idolatry, which was accompanied by bloody fanaticism undermined paganism, blew it up from the inside. The people began to complain about their Churov. And in 988 idols overthrown, and the people were driven by force into the Dnieper and other rivers, that they were "the light of Christ's teachings."

Vladimir had six wives: Anna, Adele, Malfrida, tin, Rogneda, Julia. And he took a pregnant Julia from Yaropolk ("for the sake of beauty Her"), which is in front of this treacherously killed. And before that he first raped Julia. However and his wife went to Rogneda, he began to take storm raped in Polotsk in front of her parents-related princes, who were then ordered to kill. In addition, he had 800 concubines. 300 — Vyshegorod 300 — Begorode, 200 — in Berestove.

"And he was insatiable in fornication brings to his wives and married rastlyal girls …".

And this kike scum Christians call "Vladimir the Red Sun." He is their only one who had the honor to take the title of "apostolic." What kind of religion — such her and saints.

[!] After the accession to the throne of Vladimir was no shame, in a brazen assumed the title "Kagan Russian land" — Jews' title of the head of state.

Bloody Baptist — Hagan Russian land

Thursday July 31 at 990, Vladimir turned to all the pagan population of Kiev, demanding to go to the river to accomplish Pochaina baptism. He explicitly stated that he refused to be baptized by his personal enemies. Practice has shown that getting the masses can only be baptized under the threat of reprisals to them.

On Friday, August 1, 990, Vladimir "Red Sun" started civil fratricidal war. Vladimir commanded topple the idols, which he himself had planted. Some — burn, others — chop. Perun's idol, he ordered his horse tied to the tail and drag on Borichev vzvoz to the creek and put 12 people bashing him with the rod.

In his laudatory article about the baptism of Rus Metropolitan Anastasius (Gribanovsky) writes:

"Oh great, sotvorimy heaven and earth" — said Vladimir in this memorable moment when heaven and earth rejoice. "

Yes, probably, our Russian ancestors were due only to the fingers, no different from hemp silk, lived up to 988 years in the dugout in the thicket of the forest itself, but an instrument of labor was only a stone ax. And so our stories can be heard everywhere.

Here and there "… heaven and earth rejoice." As it is impossible to attach to the cart prop and wings and make it fly, so it is impossible to imagine that the Baptism of Blood, mixed with burnt homes left wandering kid and Russian blood — is "the sending of the Holy Spirit in the Russian land."

Another, more honest historian and theologian EE Golubinsky recognizes:

[!] "Unintended cross was very much in Kiev, and in general for the whole of Russia."

The spread of Christianity was not as smooth and easy as it tells the pseudo-historians, throwing empty chatter about "thousand" of the history of Russia. Church propaganda to the effect that the Slavs brought down the shaft in the church is like the communist fables that peasants into collective farms shoals were experiencing abnormal need to work not 8 but 14 hours a day.

According to the "History of Russia" VN Tatishchev priests spreading Christianity in Kiev, always met with resistance.

[!] "… And while many have taken, but mnozhayshie, thinking is deposited from day to day; inii also are hardened heart or hear teachings wanted."

Then Vladimir ordered all urban estates Pochaina baptized in the river:

[!] "… And if anyone from nekreschenyh zautra not appear on the river, the enemy of my prichtetsya commandment."

This means "descent of the Holy Spirit on the Russian land."
As Jews enslaved Russia …

After one half-witted fanatics act which is described here-http :/ / let's look at how Christianity came to Russia:

"Let us remember that the father of Prince Vladimir, Grand Prince Svyatoslav despised Christianity knowing its essence. Uniquely his words: "the Christian faith — there is ugliness." Svyatoslav's son could not, knowing the view of his father, suddenly, for no reason at all to change the religion of all the Russian ancestors. There is no such in Russia ever. And the reason for such a big decision, as the change of centuries-religion, can not be so simple, as it is described in the official history. And the people would not stand such abuse millennial religion of their ancestors. Hung to such pagan prince, and the squad would not have helped.

Let's see who is this Prince Vladimir, where he came from.

Of Jews in Kiev Russia should be attributed to a very remote period. Jews who lived before Vladimir came from the Khazar kingdom.
Approximately 730 Jews straddle all the Khazar, tribes and Karaite Jewish king seized power or "Hagan." Kagan with his dignitaries took Jewish, faith and made it dominant in the country. So there was a Jewish kingdom. The kingdom was strong. Even Kiev one time paid him tribute, but did not last long.

In 965, Prince Svyatoslav took Sarkel Khazar fortress on the Azov Sea, and in 969, the capital of the Khazars, and fell — Itil.

Svyatoslav conquered the kingdom of the Khazar Khaganate and added it to Russia. But after that Khazar Jews were quickly overrun the Kiev land. They were lured there great commercial importance of Kiev, who was lying on the main waterway of the Greeks to the Varangian Sea.

Implementation of its staff to the highest echelons of power and abuse of rulers through Jewish women — is one of the most beloved of Jewish practices.

The mother of Prince Svyatoslav — Princess Olga, not assuming any ill effects, hired housekeeper girl Malusha (pet name of Malka — queen in Hebrew). His father was a rabbi Malusha aforesaid, also bore the Hebrew name Malka (Hebrew — king) of the Russian city of Lubitsch, who at one time was a vassal of the Khazar Khanate (Emel'yanov "Desionizatsiya", 1979, Paris)

At the instigation of his dad Malusha one day rest inebriated and seduced Prince Svyatoslav and became pregnant. Princess Olga, after learning that Malusha conceived by Svyatoslav, became angry and exiled her to the village Budutino near Pskov, where he was born Vladimir.

Even in the "Tale of Bygone Years" Vladimir — grandson of Rabbi Malka was featured as "robichich" ie "ravvinych", but in the subsequent official history of Russia was persistently translated as "son of a slave."

Not better treated fruits of his passing (for drunk) communication and the prince Svyatoslav. Leaving the Russian land and leaving for Bulgaria, Svetoslav eldest son Yaropolk planted reign in Kiev, Oleg in the middle ground Drevlyane and the youngest, Vladimir has not appointed any inheritance. Novgorod, striving for independence from Kiev, on the advice of Dobrynya (brother Malki) began to ask his son Vladimir Sviatoslav in princes. Svyatoslav not like Novgorod and releasing them a half-breed son of Vladimir, said, "Take it! For you and the Prince. "

Novgorod was taken to his minor Vladimir, went with him and his uncle Dobrynya (it is in Russian, but the real name Dabran) and the rules of Novgorod, Vladimir yet matured (the source of "Chronicle", 1864).

Dabran-Dobrynya awake behind the altar, and the thought of the thousands of years of Jewish implementation plans. At first, he sent a two-year probation Vladimir in Western Russia, where by the time the Aryan faith seriously degraded by unobtrusive subversive Jewish-psevdoyazychnikov. It is these so-called pagans long before Vladimir slowly but surely corrupting Western Russ universal fitting, rough idols, temples, temples and, mainly, the offering of blood sacrifice. Most often used for these sacrifices innocent boys, the blood that was used by the Jews in great demand.

During this internship Jews taught Vladimir how he hated revenge paternal relatives for the loss of the power of his mother's relatives in Lubitsch and Khazar Khanate. He had to blow up from the inside by the Aryan faith implementation of slave Christianity.

Back in Novgorod with hired money to Jewish warriors scum Vladimir cruelly and treacherously killed his brother Yaropolk (he only goy — cattle in Hebrew), and usurps power in southern Russia. The pregnant widow of his brother Saint Vladimir raped and took a second wife, Rogneda, he began to take storm raped in Polotsk in front of her parents-related princes, who were then ordered to kill.

Voss to the throne of Kiev, he previously developed cunning plan begins to show greater respect for the Aryan gods. Summons put previously unknown in Russia and not only idols to worship them, and to sacrifice the innocent boys. The sacrificial blood was collected and delivered the Jewish customers. 10 years of idol worship, accompanied by murderous fanaticism, as it was planned, blew Aryan religion from within. Russian began to complain on their own gods, who up to this devoutly worshiped for thousands of years. Only then Vladimir introduced Christianity by force, causing very strong resistance, which could be fatal to this zhidenku (Emel'yanov "Desionizatsiya", 1979, Paris).

Despite the fact that the old religion was largely compromised, a new Christian faith was not adopted Russian people. Both Christianity and Communism imposed on Russia by force, brutal force. And both the Jewish religion in Russia shed an ocean of blood of the best sons of the fatherland.

Initially, Vladimir and his gang killed pagan Magi. Then the invitation of Vladimir from Constantinople Jews in priests' robes began the war with a "nasty paganism," What are these Jews called light religion of our ancestors.

On the broad … Stogney in night fire
Burned pagan "black magic."
All that Russian folk for centuries
A birch bark drew Glagolitic,
Chohom flew into the larynx fires
Overshadowing Tsar grad trio.
And the books were burned bark
Diva wonderful, Mystery of Mystery,
Commanded pigeon verse
Herbs wise, stars long.
(Igor Kobzev)

In 996, Prince Vladimir destroys detailed chronicle of the Russian Empire and establishes a ban on Russian history to Christianization, that is the story closes. But despite all efforts, Vladimir and his gang did not completely eliminate the historical sources. There were too many, and they were distributed widely.

Took someone else's faith, preaching and begging domestic slavery, abandoned their calendar. In general, the beginning of Russian slavery continues to this day.

Vladimir distinguish truth Varangian cruelty rampant disregard for all human norms and indiscriminate in the choice of means — a quality rare even mores of the time. Being rejected in the hand of Polotsk princess Rogneda — that would not go for it because that Vladimir was a bastard, illegitimate son of Svyatoslav Drevlyane slave-housekeeper Malusha — Vladimir goes to Polotsk war, exciting city and raping Rogneda eyes father and mother.

As noted by the chronicler, "he was insatiable in fornication, leading to his married women and molested the girls." Yaropolk killing, he immediately takes his wife, it is his brother's wife. And she was already pregnant. A son of Yaropolk. And attitudes in the family was appropriate. As in his time and to Vladimir. And he behaved, I think, also, respectively … In general, increased Svyatopolk future murderer of his own brothers, Boris, Gleb and Svyatoslav, known chronicler Svyatopolk Damned …

But either way, and Prince Vladimir, so terrible in their unbridled passions, became a key figure in the history of Russia. All that administers after him — only a consequence of it (?) Choice of faith.

The prince Vladimir eight years after the murder of Yaropolk christened Russia and became St. Vladimir. (?!) How is the chronicler, "was ignorant, and in the end found eternal salvation."

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