As Larissa Heniyush Baradulin quarreled with Bacchus


HOW Larissa Heniyush Baradulin quarreled with Bacchus

Larissa Heniyush

In my years of school youth in the church took Zelvenskiy empty bottles of wine and vodka. In visiting days near the temple formed a queue of uncles and aunts with puffy face, whose fathers and grandfathers may also stood here in the queue — to communion. Well, the Soviet people, intoxicated by the atheistic propaganda, partook largely out of the bottle — glass prayed to God, in the words ofand the people.

Larissa Heniyush could treat your friends with a glass of home-made soup, but abuse this matter not tolerated.

The poet called vodka national disease Belarusians.

She never tired of repeating that the Belarusian people need fully sober people.

For the overly frequent embrace of Bacchus Larissa Heniyush where gentle-tolerated, and where the demanding, strongly rebuked Vladimir Karatkevich, Anatoly Vyalyugina, Yuri Golub …

The poet's wife Olesya Nightingale of remote Australia asked Larissa Antonovna influence her husband, it is only words Heniyush could discourage him from unnecessary glasses. But what kind of glass should be considered redundant? Another ancient philosopher Anacharsis, who lived two thousand years ago, said that on the vine grow three clusters — a bunch of pleasure, and a bunch bunch pyanoty abominations. But it is hardly possible to determine the exact boundary between the three states.

In one of the familiar letters of the academic staff of the Institute of Literature Nicholas Prashkovicha Heniyush Larissa wrote: "A friend of Nicholas, we are perishing! Gibney and ruin our nation, both physically and mentally — vodka. Who benefits, a member of Nicholas? I recently saw a movie in which an old Indian pays last golden sand for a glass of vodka, and when poured his son then he pays, and then from abrydlivastsyu pours it on the ground, as the colonial bait and method of imprisonment and the death of his people … God, if I see my countrymen, vylivayuchyh this strange poison strangers feet! "

An example of steadfastness in the confrontation with Bacchus poet thought Maksim Tank, who did not drink from the time of Western Belarus. Appealed to her in this matter, and the chairman of the Grodno branch of the Union of Writers Alex Karpyuk who dreamed of the All-Union Society of sobriety.

But the greatest zanepakoenne Larissa Heniyush caused by the talented youth Ryhor Baradulin, which the poet called in the letters: "May Baradulka good, noble twin bearded bison."

Once Baradulin with a hangover is not enlisted on the US-Vietnam war. Realizing that the poet in the corresponding state will continue to pull up to the heroic deeds, Larissa Antonovna could not afford to Belarusian literature suffered another untimely and irreparable loss.

Soon came to light verse-order "do not drink", who was superior in strength, see, all drug pills:

After a time, the scope scream from afar:
Do not drink, Gregory, do not drink, my son!
Do not drink the same people at the helm,
And the priest did not drink at the altar,
And he does not drink, who goes into battle,
And he does not drink, who leads the battle!
Who drank — one single silent …
Do not drink, Gregory, do not drink, son.
Motherland — the ship, our face,
And the battle area, and our altar.
And you — and the pilot, and fighter
A priest from the books and the guy …
Do not drink!

Since then, for nearly forty years Ryhor Baradulin and mouth does not take.

Here's how unusual apparent magical power of poetry Larissa Heniyush!

Larissa Heniyush. "Who?"
Who will collect all my pain and the words will roll,
Unfortunately one of the soul, which could not?
My life — candle-end today
on the altar of painful land.

Bleeding from the pain, the hope was flushed
Tears swam wax on the altar.
On Belarus, my white dove
the purity of the nyazlichanyh victims.


Heniyush, Culture

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