As Vladimir Karatkevich edited Larissa Heniyush


Vladimir Karatkevich

Vladimir Karatkevich never worked as an editor. He never served in establishments with a clear work schedule, except nekalkigadovaga nastavnichannya after graduating from the Kiev State University. Writer Coast its time and their freedom.

But one book of poetry, he still had to edit. And, on a voluntary basis. Out of respect for the poet who wrote it.

If in 1966 Maxim Tank handed Korotkevich forthcoming book manuscript editing, she still had no name. The first page bore the name of the author only — Larissa Heniyush.

After reading the contents of the collection, the editor wanted to stay together, and his godfather. He confidently with black ink inscribed in the middle of the page name — the "Fatherland". But Larissa Heniyush reason it did not like, and invited some of his — to choose from, "Flax yarn," "We — Belarusians," "Scream busliny", "With Love and Faith", "Contrary to share", "woven of lightning" , "seine of Neman" …

Pay tribute taste Editor — he chose one of the best options. And — got to work. Changes to agree with the author even came in Zelva. Welcome Larissa Antonovna regaled Karatkevich tasty-intoxicating drink — soup, which was preparing itself for a special recipe. Perhaps the editor hoped for a more lavish treats for her, as he put it, "hard labor."

Poet, which in the Komi ASSR kirkavala permafrost servitude understood differently. It is not a joke angrily shouted, and without much thought, my editor shown the door of the house. Andrew Karatkevich realized that blurted out too much, and wrote a letter Zelva prabachalny. For a long time Larissa Antonovna in letters to friends mentioned his editor, "convict", but without anger.

Wanting to quickly make amends, Vladimir Karatkevich found in the capital's botanical garden seeds "tulipanav" rare varieties and sent to Larissa Heniyush whose flower garden was the best in Zelva.

How did edited the works of Vladimir Simonovic Larissa Antonovny? Demanding, but not critically, sometimes with an eye on Glavlit. For example, in the poem "Nothing is so cute" hand strike out Karatkevich quatrain: "Nothing is as cute as our own flag, / like our old man's chase, / nothing is as cute as this little child, / heart that welcomes Chase" Instead of second-hand poet word "Krivitskiy" editor ingeniously substituted a not synonymous, "fearless", "powerful", "local".

It is fair to say that the greatest reduction in the verses are not made by hand Karatkevich. More than a hundred lines right to nechytelnastsi shaded. Probably — censor, whose editor was trying vigilance just diminish, placing under wartime poems date — 1936, 1938, 1939.

Larissa Heniyush is sympathetic to the tricks Karatkevich editor and trusted him. Writing to request the publishing house "Belarus" an autobiographical essay "A hundred wounds in the heart", the poet gave the first reading of his two most trusted friend — Nicholas Prashkovichu and Vladimir Korotkevich. The latter is an open person, shortly commented: "I read just your resume. Exceptional work. Strastsi On heat and, in restraint of intonation for which — intransigence. But it is hardly possible to say:" the difference between God and the clergy. "This over the forehead. not empty, contagion, and the massacre of his family (and what a pity!). time for this your biography is not yet. But you write it. No discounts. With the expectation of the near future. "

So Karatkevich pushed Larissa Heniyush to write "Confessions", which in printed form would not see any poet, nor any of its friendly editor.

When the book "Nevada of the Neman" in 1967 came to light, an advance copy was brought to Zelva Vladimir Karatkevich. According to ancient custom shot glasses again filling with soup …

Larissa Heniyush Zelva in his house.

Larissa Heniyush. Be
Be — that on its own path step,
On the strength of his hope.
NOT apiraytsesya on pillars
The participation of all the pillars — stagger!



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