Astronaut said that he saw a UFO explosion in orbit




Soviet cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Kovalenok, who spent 217 days in space, did not rule out the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

"When I was working on the orbital station" Salyut ", I saw through the window to the size of a finger. Surprised me that he was flying in an orbit" — Kovalenok said at a press conference in Moscow on Friday.

He said that after that he called his partner Victor Savin. "In space, is difficult to determine the size and speed of the object, so I can not say for sure how big it was, Savin went for the camera, but this time the object suddenly exploded, leaving a cloud of smoke. It is divided into two parts, connected by them. It was like a dumbbell. Immediately I reported this to the earth, "- said the astronaut.

At the same time, he noted that, unfortunately, take a picture of this phenomenon has not been possible, "Interfax".

"Then press widely covered the event. Appears many publications in Soviet newspapers and magazines, but they were mostly critical articles which exclude the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence," — said Kovalenok.

According to him, until now establish what happened then, failed.

"Maybe it was a UFO. Mystique But it could not be, because the two men observed this phenomenon," — he stressed.

Astronaut said that on his return to Earth learned "that in this day experts of the center, which captures radiation, registered large radioactive release."

"I do not believe when astronauts say they did not see anything unusual in space", — concluded Kovalenok.


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