At the request of veterans


… Political power stops the war, sets or attempts to establish peace in the community … not in order to eliminate the effects of war or remove neravnavagu, which appeared in the latest military fight. Political power, leading some sort of secret war, takes a long time to write this relation of power in institutions, economic inequalities, in language, in the ratio of certain segments of the population.

Michel Foucault

Constantine Monk

The words "at the request of veterans" have become odious. Whenever the media sounds such a preamble, the listeners, viewers cautious prepared for anything the unpleasant. Ban or rename something, someone to sue. Latest incident happened with the "People's will ': 65-year-old attentive reader outraged "non-canonical" material content of the 2nd World War, which were printed in the newspaper, demanded an apology from the publication in the direction of veterans and marking papers … in the manner of a pornographic product: "It is dangerous to the mental perception of the young generation. "sympathetically Court accepted the claim for consideration.

The role of the scattered mental pressure, which in more traditional societies perform religious institutions, our government is intuitively laid on the gray heads of veterans of the Great War. On the ideological perspective everything here is understandable: for the modern world views the country's leaders, Belarus, Belarus them — is clear and is subject to them — emerged as a historical phenomenon as a result of the "Great Patriotic War", and veterans — nepakaznyya gods demiyurgi kreatsyynaga this myth. On whose behalf the careful hands of middle-aged employees making all the howler monkey on the ground. It seems unshakable authority respectable, but too old for active political people reinforce the most unexpected government plans and projects.

The role of the scattered mental pressure, which in more traditional societies perform religious institutions, our government is intuitively laid on the gray heads of veterans of the Great War.

As young citizens may refuse the request (even if in some luhtse) gray aksakal who once fought naryzykavalisya lives of three generations ahead? They will be offended and die.

Ask veterans (or anonymous forces — due to their back), does not seem too much, but things exclusive. When recalling some examples of the ubiquitous veteran prosbatvorchastsi, unwittingly surprised useahopnastsi diversity and interests of this generation: here and rename the famous central avenues, and the prohibition of performance "Chonkin" and demands to close the "Belarusian partisan", and carrying traffic that zastsits bust of Marshal … Absolutely ridiculous petty clues of these requests, too, have their purpose: to tingle honest citizens, awakens memories of the "unpaid debt." In this masterpiece of the genre (for my taste), there is a case 2008 Vodka "Frontline" that produces "Belgospischeprom» soldier offended by the message of the title, which, they say, accuses the Soviet soldiers in a perpetual prapoystve. Scared deputy director of the Minsk "Crystal" replied immediately: "Our company produced vodka called" Frontline "on their own initiative and at the request of veterans …" That's it, "artillery strikes on his."

Electoral income from this government's attitude to the "grandfathers" of the nation is small — only 42 thousand former soldiers now remain among us: a miserly amount of votes, and even that year-on-year decreases rapidly. The function of supervision is another veteran, and implement it is possible only in conditions of total "silent majority", the lack of clearly articulated social thought. On the spot where it sounds sometimes verdict: "At the request of veterans …" Every little thing in an ideological society supposedly has to do with the memory of the war and, therefore, potentially under supervision of specialists in this war memory. And if these soldiers will not be, there are authorized successors — as is now the case with the "People's Will".


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