At Valery Shchukin seized booklets

Do human rights activist Valery Shchukin and activist of the civil campaign "Our House" Victor Kolesnik staff Leninsky police department seized booklets on women's rights. According to Valery Shchukin police drew up a report of illegal transportation of printed products. Booklets will remain in police custody, says human rights activist, to the court, which will determine what to do next.

How many were seized booklets, Valery Shchukin does not speak, said only that the police have taken away all that was in the car. Booklets produced by the civil "Our House".

In the Leninsky police department Shchukin and Kolesnik spent four hours. They were detained in Mogilev on Lenin Street.

Shchukin"Veli police behave correctly, but I have all the same written complaint. We were held four o'clock instead of three. Do not give me a copy of the record of the offense, and was not given access to the file. I have long sought to get me acquainted with the protocol of withdrawal. To all my requirements I answered that are not supposed to. "

Court date activists will report later.


detention of activists

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