Attempts bowels shifted the Earths axis

17 centimeters there, 8 inches here

Italian scientists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, immediately after the cataclysm determined that the Japanese earthquake caused the displacement of the Earth axis by about 10 centimeters. Soon followed by refinement of NASA.

— Not at 10, and 17 centimeters — said Richard Gross, a research fellow Jet Propulsion Laboratory. — She reached.

Shift has occurred with respect to the previous position of the planet. A previous match that took land after Chilean riot subsoil in February 2010. Then, an earthquake of 8.8 points shifted the axis by 8 centimeters. As reported by the same Gross.

According to one hypothesis, the two shift summed. On the other — offset each other. Thus, the axis shifted by 25 centimeters or one way or the other by 5. What assumption is true, be able to identify a few months after careful measurements made by satellites and telescopes.

In the meantime, announced data misalignment of our planet are the results. And computer simulations performed by the Italians and Gross separately.

Love to meet before had

American states, the movement of tectonic plates in an earthquake caused the redistribution of mass within the planet. This, in turn, influenced by it as a whole. As for the outer body. As a result of earth is tilted. And speed up its rotation.

According to Gross, in 2010 shortened the day by 1.26 microseconds (a microsecond — is a millionth of a second). Now, by 1.6 microseconds. Total: about three microseconds. Although there is a measurement that day dropped by nearly 7 microseconds.

Global change actually occurred. But bias and accelerate too small to be felt somehow people. Or bears, which are known to rub their backs on the earth's axis. Yet the news about the consequences of the Japanese earthquake for several days in the lead in the Internet. And scary, people feel a certain instability home planet.

And roll over short

Many remember that the same way, distortions and accelerate, the Earth responded and terrible earthquake in Sumatra in 2004, which was also accompanied by a devastating tsunami. Magnitude while more than 9 points.

Back then, seven years ago, the water looked Director Roman Vilfand Russian meteorologist, who immediately after the accident said: "The addition of tectonic plates can reduce the diameter of the globe, which will speed up the Earth's rotation around its own axis." Further, according to Vilfand, this condition may lead to the reduction of the time of day for a few milliseconds.

Now the Earth's axis is tilted at 23 degrees 27 minutes with respect to its orbital plane. That, in fact, causes seasonal changes on the surface of our planet. But it is not impossible that the slope has always been. Or always has been. It is likely that he — the present one — generated processes in the subsurface. Over millions of years distortions paltry share arcseconds could add up to more than 20 degrees. And in one of the versions of the delusional, it ever comes to that land and did capsize. Or swing so much that had never happened. Not on a measly 10 centimeters, and tens or hundreds of meters. And, they say, had once been a — during the Flood. Swayed, and the land flooded giant wave.

Experts comments

No panic, please

— The Earth's axis is constantly in motion, — Sergey Tihotsky, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, scientific secretary of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPE). — It varies in response not only to the processes in the subsurface, but also on the movement of air masses in the ocean currents. This is normal and everything is not affected.

— Yet scientists, including NASA, regularly report about the fact that the "axis of twisted." Why?

— It's an interesting scientific problem, which employs a number of scientists around the world. Solving it, we can draw conclusions about the structure of the Earth.

— Earth may fall from the constant upheavals in the depths?

— Of course not. Earthquakes occur in different places. Consequently, if the axis moves, the different — random — side. Centimeters optionally added.


Then faster, then slower

Earthquakes, now shortened the day, come across other global processes. Namely — the steady lengthening of days. That is Earth itself gradually slowing its rotation. In this connection, a special international service and then add to the day for a second. Since 1972, these additives was more than 20.

According to the English astronomer Richard Stephenson, for 5000 years, lengthening the day meant that the time of sunrise shifted by about 7 hours. And about 530 million years the Earth was rotating so fast that it was in the day to 21 hours, a year — 420 days. A billion years ago, replaced all day at breakneck speed — lasted only 15 hours. This "saw" lived then blue-green algae, cyanobacteria are the same: in the light of growing vertically, and in the dark — horizontally. By studying the fossil deposits in different geological epochs, scientists determined the duration of the then day. It is concluded that the Earth slows down. And I believe that this is happening uniformly.

But once it turned out that in the history of the planet was at least two periods, when it sharply increased its speed. Gradually lengthen the day suddenly shortened hours for two or three. It happened 400 and 200 million years ago. Solved the mystery of sudden acceleration Mashetel Philip, director of the Earth Institute at the University of Montpellier in France. He immediately dropped the idea, as if the planet could unleash a giant asteroid that hit the tangent — no trace of such superkatastrof. He suggested that the Earth unwound itself.

Namely, in the depths of the processes occurred, caused by the movement of impressive rock masses to the center. The same is true skaters — pressed his hands to the body and begin to spin faster.

— To the center of the Earth is able to shift a huge piece of rock the size of the Moon — says Mashetel. — It happens.

Something similar happens in earthquakes — only with tectonic plates that move at a relatively short distance. And the reaction of the corresponding planet — a paltry fraction of a degree skew and moments in the length of day.

Deputy Director of the IPE, Alexander Ponomarev believes that is not excluded and the reverse.

— We are considering changing the speed of rotation of the planet as one of the possible causes of tectonic upheavals, — he says.

1. Cora.
2. Upper mantle.
3. Transition zone.
4. The lower mantle.
5. The outer core.
6. The outer core heats the lower mantle, transition zone weakens and falls, dragging the upper mantle rocks.

The planet rotates faster or warping.

It seems to point toglobalnyh changes we can not avoid. Whether global climate change, or the change of poles — not yet known. But it seems that when things happen, experts will not prevent technical means of rehabilitation center, as it will provide them with all necessary assistance to the affected people, but we do hope that nothing bad will happen.

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