Azerbaijani authorities have legalized ghosts

If you are going to sell the house, you have to tell potential buyers all the information about it, including the presence of the spirits living there or ghosts. Such a rule is officially registered in the legislation of Azerbaijan. Residents of the country seriously believe in the paranormal and does not want to become a victim of aggressive ghosts.

However, according to the general director of consulting company Nusret Ibrahimov, sellers of real estate, such information is usually hidden. "If the seller knows that his house has ghosts, and wants to sell it, he would never reveal the mystery shoppers, even in every way will hide that fact," — said the expert.

Similar problems encountered and the leader of the Women's Crisis Center Matanat Azizova. According to her, the center often by women who are victims of "evil forces" in his home. Most often anomalies occur in old buildings. Victims are told that when they turn on the light itself, open the door, moving things, heard footsteps.

"One girl told me that every night, comes to her very beautiful woman silhouette — says Azizov. — The Ghost does not do anything, just watch. But the girl from fear fell into a stupor. In the second case, a woman was watching in the mirror image of the man, who then touched to her and disappeared. Just want to say that all these women were mentally balanced. "

Azizova very strange story told by an old woman. According to her, when she was a little girl, family harassed female ghost that plaited mane and tail. "The father of the woman decided to catch a ghost, trailer pin him, and he, in the words of a woman did it, — says Azizov. — One day ghost asked the girl to lift the pin. Girl shot, and the ghost of a woman disappeared, saying at last that curses their race. According to the curse, no matter how many women are not removed, the house will still be dirty. And, as admitted an elderly woman in her home is always really dirty, despite repeated cleaning. "

However, in this case it is more of a brownie (or rather, about the female variation of houses), not a ghost. Although the essence of the matter is the same. The older the building, the more likely the appearance of a ghost. Recently talked about the phantoms that live in the former garrison hospital in Tobolsk. The building was built in 1794 by architect A. Gucheva and subsequently rebuilt. Recently, it started to restore, going house the government offices. That is when there was talk about ghosts. According to witnesses — mostly working in restoration — sometimes in the long corridors of the building out of nowhere blows cold, sometimes seen some vague spots that capture and video cameras. And then there are the silhouettes of people dressed in the White Guard or in the form of nurses. For builders ghostly inhabitants are not too friendly: can tripped or pushed. Therefore, the restorers chose to "placate" — left on a window sill candy, cookies. Curious, but what will happen when here vedut officials?

As a rule, tourists would not mind visiting "haunted house", but to live in these homes no one wants. Rumors of ghosts are often the reason that the owners are forced to reduce the price of such objects. For example, in the American town of Saint-Paul is an old mansion of the XIX century, in which supposedly inhabit seven ghosts. The price of the house Griggs (it was named in honor of the previous owner) was reduced from an initial 1.8 to 1.1 million dollars. The reason — the restless spirits. They say that the supernatural events began to happen here in 1915, when in the bedroom on the third floor of a house maid hanged herself. Since this room were heard strange sounds. And in the library at times you can hear the invisible hand turns the page once lived in the home gardener named Charles Wade, who loved to read books in the library.

But the most frightening ghost mansion dwellers gray-haired man in a suit and top hat, strolled through the rooms. In 1969, the correspondent of one of the books offered to spend the night in the house, so that later write an article. He chose the room where the maid hanged herself. But alas, the journalist could not sit there till morning: ghost so "got" it, that the man had terrified the lam.

However, sometimes these homes specifically bought researchers of paranormal phenomena — to study them. But it is clear that not every researcher or a research center has the funds. Apparently, the spirits must somehow display and not try to coexist with them.

Margarita Trinity

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