Bankers Manifesto (1892), 25 principles of the Order of the Illuminati (1776) and the New Testament of Satan (1875)

From time to time my eye caught the amazing content of the documents. The following text was published Bankers Manifesto "for internal use only" in the "Yearbook of the civil servant" — "Founder» («Civil Servants' Year Book,« The Organizer ») in January 1934. That is, it was intended only for circulation among leading bankers USA. (Http:// 27_year_book_quote_51f5). He is joined on the content of a document Senate No.43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session (1934) and several others.

In the English-speaking Internet splash of attention to it occurred two years ago, and, to all appearances, was a result of the crisis increased social tensions and a quest for the source of economic problems and is responsible for their


Initial disclosure Manifesto "somewhere between 1907 and 1917." Credited U.S. Congressman pc. Minnesota Ogustusu Charles Lindbergh Sr., convinced accuser usury and imperialism (1859-1924; (not to be confused with his son, the famous pilot Lindbergh). Apparently, it was supposed to serve as a warning to the citizens of America to exist in the above-governmental agencies plans to device global imperialist dictatorship (known today as the NWO — New World Order). (Http://
Bankers Manifesto (1892)

We (the bankers) have to be careful and take precautions at every step, for lower-class people are already showing signs of constant anxiety. Therefore, in contrast to the popular will would be prudent to conduct a sham policy of concessions as long as we have no plans will be implemented so that we can say publicly about them, without fear of any organized resistance.

Our reliable people should carefully watch over the organizations of the United States, and we must take immediate steps to establish control over these organizations in our interest or to interfere with their activities.

Our people must be present at the upcoming July 4, 1892 in Omaha Convention and control its speed, or with respect to our plans will be launched this antagonism that to overcome it requires the use of force.

At present, this (use of force) would be premature. For this kind of crisis we are not ready. Capital must protect itself in every way possible through combination (conspiracy) and legislation.

To help us to be called to the courts, to collect debts, and as soon as possible to close the liens and mortgages.

When, through legal procedures, the common will lose their homes, they will be more flexible and easier to handle by a factor of government pressure on the wealth of the state central government, under the control of the leading financiers.

Homeless people do not swear with their leadership. History repeats itself at regular intervals. This truth is well known to our leading representatives in shaping world imperialism. And while they are engaged in this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism.

The question of tariff reform must be forced through the organization known as the Democratic Party, and the question of protectionism on the basis of reciprocity should be considered on an expedited basis by the GOP.

Thus dividing voters, we can switch them waste their energy to fight for the issues that have no meaning for us, apart from the fact that we are at the same time we as drivers crowd. Thus, through the digital effects we are able to secure all the best laid plans and their successful implementation …

As a comment

History really repeats itself again and again. For Russia, the difference today is that the very social and governmental achievements and legacy inherited from the previous three generations of the price a lot of blood, misery and unhappiness, as well as their hard work is almost completely looted and destroyed by the modern "liberasticheskoy" elite. That it offers to the common people and labor veterans of past five-year plans? Juvenile justice system, 60-hour week, the monetization of benefits, the police, the WTO, guaranteed prices, and violated constitutional guarantees of freedom, lack of confidence in the future, the number of media affection of wealth of our oligarchs … What considerations and installation we hear from elite, born in the USSR, but the lobbying completely antisocial and alien migrant people purpose? "It is important for the child to school was not an extra burden and source of their financial well-being, physical well being of their employees" [1], or "moral training" to students that they will soon become competitive (read: enemies) to each other. (Compare with the state policy of friendship and brotherhood of the Soviet era) … Even a cursory examination obviously education and instruktiruemoe abroad "managerstvo" Russia for many years consistently implements part of a single plan to transform the planet into a fascist state in which the only role for Russia — is a raw material appendage to executives "golden billion".

This kind of incriminating documents have been the public, but each time the "safely zamylivat" or ignored. Consider two more to make sure that the tasks of globalization and the enslavement of humanity formulated in the late XVIII century.

In an article on Bill Cooper, lists 25 principles that should apply to the United States and other countries, and are a step by step instruction on how to organize a conspiracy in the Order of the Illuminati, and describes their long-term plans of the founding of the Order. The author of this list is Adam Ueyskhopt. It was drawn up in 1776, shortly after the Order of the Illuminati to finance joined Rothschild. Thus, one reads:

1. (Using the fact that) in general, people are more prone to evil than to good
2. Preach liberalism
3. Use the idea of freedom to provoke wars between classes
4. Since the objectives of the Illuminati are justified to achieve them is to use all means
5. Right to lie is a legitimate
6. Our resources and their power must remain invisible until the moment when they will gain so much power that has no force or wiles will not undermine their
7. Distract the crowd by its psychology to control the masses
8. To use alcohol, drugs, corruption and all social evils to systematically decomposition youth
9. By all means grab property
10. Use slogans such as equality, liberty, fraternity, and put them into the mouths of the people for psychological warfare
11. Facilitated the war, so that people of both warring parties even more mired in debt, and pursue peace conferences so that neither of the warring parties did not receive land rights
12. Members (the Illuminati Order) should use his wealth to the authorities to allow for such candidates to be obedient to their demands, and they should be used as pawns in the game behind the scenes. Their advisors should educate and train the methods to control the world since childhood.
13. Control the press
14. After the formation of traumatic situations appear (our) agents and submitted the saviors of the masses
15. Create industrial crises and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food and use it to control the masses or mob to eliminate all of those who are (we) on the way
16. Penetrate the secret Masonic organizations for their use in order to Illuminati
17. Explain the value of systematic deception, use high-sounding slogans and phrases, and also give generous promises to the masses, even though they are not enforceable
18. Develop detailed plans to address the problems, conduct a discussion of the rules of street fighting, to allow for rapid submission of the population
19. Once the fighting was to use (our) agents as advisors behind the scenes and use secret diplomacy to gain control (for the warring parties)
20. Create a huge monopoly, seeking to control a world government
21. Use high taxes and unfair competition for the destruction of the economy through the capture of raw materials. Organize discontent among workers and subsidize their competitors
22. Develop military assets and generate force (police and soldiers) to protect our interests and needs, to the extent
23. Leaders and members of the one world government should be appointed directors
24. Penetrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fooling, defeats, and corrupting the young segment of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false
25. National and international legislation should be used to destroy civilization and enslave and control people

You did not have a sense of deja vu? Handwriting, probably good for us to sign.

Now turn to the book of Nicholas Bogolyubov "Secret Societies of the twentieth century"

"If we talk about where in fact disclosed Weishaupt Illuminati ideology, we must examine the document, which became known as the" New Testament of Satan ", which was kept as the Bavarian Illuminati secret. I quite deliberately use this document in the place of presentation, as more people question the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Perhaps, for many readers will be easier to understand the plan and the principles of what is happening, if the word "Jews" is not used. For the general public the document became available only in 1875, when a courier Bavarian Illuminati, on the way from Frankfurt to Paris was killed by lightning, and some of this information on the world scale conspiracy became available.

So, "The New Testament of Satan" states:

— The first mystery in the management of people — the mastery of public opinion, and it is necessary for so long to sow discord, doubt and impose conflicting views, as long as people do not get lost once and not lose your orientation in disarray, and decide that it is better in political issues do not have their own opinions. Should excite popular discontent, spread spirituality, evil and nasty literature. Further, the task of the press is the inability to prove the non-Illuminati in all areas of public and religious life.

— The second secret is to put at the heart of the weakness of the people, all the bad habits, all the unfortunate, and all errors — as long as people do not cease to understand each other.

— First of all, we need to fight the power of the individual, as there is nothing more dangerous than her. If it has the creative spiritual energy, it is able to achieve more than a million people.

— Through envy, hatred, strife and war, through deprivation, hunger and the spread of infection (eg, AIDS — approx.'s) All the nations shall be brought to the fact that they will no longer see any choice but to completely surrender to the subordination of the Illuminati .

— If a State has been undermined due to revolution or civil war is in danger of attack of an external enemy, it is always a favorable course of events and works in our favor.

— It is necessary to train people to be encouraged to take a receipt as genuine coins were content outside, chasing pleasures, while in the continuous search for something new, entangled in it and, in the end, following the Illuminati, this can be achieved through good remuneration of the masses for their submission, it can also get their attention.

— Through the corruption of society people will be deprived of any belief in God.

— A sequential processing spoken and written word, as well as a specially designed form of mass deception will be inclined towards will Illuminati.

Ability to think should be eliminated in humans by introducing the teaching of finished views, spiritual forces must be undermined by the use of an empty demagoguery. Free thought, nominate, should speakers Illuminati stretch so that the people, tired of hearing, have developed an aversion to the speakers of any orientation. Contrary to public Illuminati doctrine should offer up to citizens in the form of not tiring, so they could apprehend him.

— The masses must be blind, unintelligent and lacking in their own opinion, so they can not argue on the topic of government, to manage the fair, but the implacable force and the principle of unconditional obedience.

— World domination can be achieved only in a roundabout way, by deliberately undermining all true freedom — laws, the election procedure, the press, freedom of the individual, and, above all, the system of education and education of the people — and the strictest secrecy on all activities.

— Through purposeful loosening of government governments need to torture as long as they are not ready to give us all of his power for the sake of peace.

— Europe should initiate misunderstanding between people and nations, racial and religious hatred to appear insurmountable rifts that no Christian state could no longer find support, because all other countries will be afraid, and any alliances against the Illuminati will be meaningless …

— In other parts of the world have sown discord, unrest and hostility in order to teach the state of fear and suppress any possibility to resist.

— By delegating the president to the declaration of martial whole military power is also in the hands of the Illuminati.

— "Unenlightened rulers", on the contrary, should be addressed through palace coups and covert operations, not allow them to engage in public affairs.

— Through the corruption of senior government positions, Governments should be made payable to the Illuminati after giving them a series of loans, which would significantly increase their public debt.

— By means of a specially otrezhissirovannyh economic crisis, during which all available funds will be withdrawn from the market, it is undermining the monetary economy in "non-Illuminati".

— The power of money should be the only force driving trade and production, through to manufacturers could get money and political power. Along with the Illuminati in this category must go and depend on them millionaires, police and soldiers must remain poor.

— Through the introduction of universal and equal suffrage should be established total domination of the majority. After habituation to self-made destruction of the family and its educational power. Through education, based on false information and false teachings, youth should be fooled, sidetracked and corrupted.

— Relationship with existing and establishment of new lodges of Freemasons, continues the work of scattered organizations in order to achieve the desired goal. Nobody knows them and their goals, and least of all the fools out of no-Illuminati, who will seek membership in the lodges of Freemasons open only to their eyes successfully covered with sand.

— Through all these activities should stimulate people to think about how to invite the Illuminati to be the world's rulers. New world government must appear beneficent guidance-screen, to which recourse is completely voluntary (UN — approx. Added). If a State will argue against it, his neighbors begin to war against it. Creation of such a government requires the organization of World War II. (KORALF: "Maitreya, the World Teacher of the Future", Connie-Verlag, 1991, pp. 115 et seq.).

It is not difficult to understand that in this "New Testament of Satan" can talk about almost identical in content to that of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", but in this case the Jews are replaced by the Illuminati. We have already seen, on whose orders Adam Weishaupt organized the Bavarian Illuminati, and now is to find out where there is a "New Testament of Satan." "

There are other secret documents "puppeteers of the world", for one reason or another have lost their top-secret status. For example, the involvement of the power and the cultural elite of the USSR, Russia's secret orders and structures you can find many interesting things from the book of OA Platonov, "Russia under the rule of the Masons" (M. "Russian Gazette", 2000, is also available to read in runet). No less interesting and works by American historian Anthony Sutton (eg, "How to arrange the order of war and revolution") and the Russian writer Nikolai Starikov.

If we impose these documents and programs to a series of historical events and conflicts, and to correlate them with the powerful forces that control the world, leaving eyes appeared in ancient times picture of the struggle of several clans of higher global elite — both among themselves and with the active part of humanity that is aware of the processes and trying to do something to oppose these plans. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the world wars, revolutions, crises, assassinations, arms and drug trafficking — almost all studied history and holds back important events initiated and sent to the "top of the pyramid with the all-seeing eye." Desire to act secretly because of the relatively small number of "backstage puppeteers" means their weakness to radical change of the situation, they will hide and disguise. However, there has not passed the proverbial Rubicon?

You interested? You do not want to be a chip carried by the flow of history, controlled from behind the scenes? Do you want a just and better future for their children? Then start to open the eyes of the world and try to understand what it represents, and relate it to how you would like it to be. Following will come and choose the mode of action. For only detect and identify disease can elect a cure from it. Otherwise, the implementation of plans to drastically reduce the world population and the establishment of global fascism will end in the foreseeable future.

Translation, compilation
Sister Mercy

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