Battle for the salt. World History watch online

Battle for the salt.  World History watch online
In the Middle Ages, alchemists often called salt "Quint essence." Hence came the expression "quintessence," which means something very important, the most significant — SALT. Since ancient times, salt attributed to the different characteristics — from magic, magical, religious and sacred to the health and life-giving. Where did countless legends and popular superstitions associated with this natural mineral, as salt influenced the history of the world, and countless secrets of salt — in a new documentary film. In 1534, in the south of France in Colmar outbreak of plague — bubonic death. The disease threatens to spread across Europe and carry a lot of human lives. The eminent German scholar and alchemist Paracelsus was able to warn of infection common people. The inhabitants of Colmar Paracelsus thanked for his "magic alchemy" that he, in their opinion, and applied. In fact raschudesno medicine was an ordinary cookery salt! And eight thousand years ago, one of the most savvy inhabitants of Mesopotamia found a way to make food taste better — he found a "rock salt". This was the first salt. The one who found her, and invented civilization. Our civilization has emerged and evolved as a chain of circumstances and consequences, in what salt played an important role.

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