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Malocclusion may cause not only psychological problems — feelings of unease, discomfort, but also trigger the development of certain diseases. However, the situation with malocclusion, no matter how difficult it may be, remedied, and, at any age.

In order to correct malocclusion, align the "curves" teeth, consult your dentist, orthodontist, who will select the best method of correction.

Dentist Orthodontist— doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dentofacial deformities. "Orthodontics" in Latin literally means "straight teeth."

Modern orthodontic techniques and devices allow you to fix any malocclusion.

To apply the braces is no age limit — you can use them to adjust the position of the teeth and dental arches in adults of any age (over 12 years). Depending on the complexity of pathology, braces are from 1 year to 3.5 years.

How dangerous is malocclusion?

Bite— Is the relationship of dentition at the closing of the upper and lower jaws.

Malocclusion, as well as abnormal position of teeth can cause a variety of pathologies:

  • caries;
  • periodontal disease (periodontal tissues);
  • dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints;
  • violations of diction;
  • nose and throat diseases and digestive system.

What is Braces

Braces— in the translation of the English "yoke" — is a lock, which is mounted on the exterior or interior surface of the tooth. Braces are made of enamel-safe, hypoallergenic materials.

All the braces are attached to the teeth and grooves of brackets fixed Arm made of an alloy of nickel and titanium. This material has a "shape memory" — if an arc curving from the alloy, it always tends to assume its original shape. Thus arc gradually "pulls" teeth "builds" them in a row.

The capabilities of modern braces

Braces that set of orthodontic ON CLINIC, alloweffectively fix a variety of deformation:

  • extension of the dentition forward or backward;
  • rotation about its own axis of the tooth;
  • the gaps between the teeth;
  • crowding the position of the teeth.

Braces are removable device, they are fixed for the entire period of treatment, which can range from 1 year to 3.5 years. During this time the patient visits the dentist every month orthodontist ON CLINIC, a physician shall adjust and activate the orthodontic appliance.

Braces are highly effective remedy, and (with the correct diagnosis and accurate treatment plan) can correct the most complex cases.

Types of braces

Braces can be invisible, and from others can "hide" the fact that you're wearing them.

Invisible Lingual (From "Lingua" — "Language") Braces fixed to the lingual surface of the teeth. They — the best solution for those who are confused by the idea of having to wear braces, as well as for the people of public trades or holding high office.

Transparent sapphire brackets produced from cultured sapphire crystals are mounted on the outer surface of the teeth are practically invisible and highly efficient.

Self-ligating braces(Clipped) «Damon» have less friction, and their use can correct pathology not only qualitatively but also quickly, shortening the duration of treatment for several months.

Ceramic bracesare barely visible through the material from which made — bracket in color and structure is almost indistinguishable from the tooth itself.

The obvious advantage of these braces is their high efficiency and durability.

How is the bracket system

Before installing braces orthodontist ON CLINIC necessarily spend anthropometric and radiological examination. This allows you to assess the condition of the bone tissue, the location of the teeth, facial type and the ratio of the upper and lower jaws of a patient. Based on these results the doctor carries out special calculations and makes an individual treatment plan.

ON CLINIC — modern methods of correction of the teeth!

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