Bees besieged confectionery in England for a few hours

LONDON, July 11. Three hours Thorntons customers shop in the town of Leominster in the west of England were literally captured. A swarm of wild bees attacked Pastry shops, blocking all entrances and exits, reports Life News.
While inside, people could not see what was going on outside the window, because the glass suddenly transformed into living paintings of bees.
"The noise was just incredible! Feeling that around the same time landed several "Boeing", — said the visitor shop.
In anticipation of helping people had barricaded the door a large box to keep the powerful digging to break inside.
"At first I thought that the bees brought the sweet smell of candy, but beekeepers explained that Roy simply followed the queen bee," — says the shop consultant Kim Kinsey.
All witnesses in horror remembered their worst nightmares or fiction films, in which the bees went crazy and attacked people. "It's like a horror movie: only the sky was clear — and suddenly the black-yellow cloud of buzzing rapidly flew straight at us!" — Shared impressions store manager Julie Walker.
Professionals who came to the rescue, just a few minutes to stop this nightmare and freed people hiding in the store.
"We have not been able to find out where they came from. But I can say with confidence, the hive they should be, just a giant "- told the impression seen beekeeper Terry Ding.

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