Belarus awarded Best Environmental among the countries of the CIS

BelaPAN reports that in 2010 Belarus awarded Best Environmental among the countries of the CIS.

Ranking 163 countries on environmental index (Environmental Performance Index) performed by scientists at Yale and Columbia universities, and posted on the official site of the former. The index is made on the basis of 25 criteria that cover the assessment of public health related to the environment, and healthy ecosystems countries. In drawing up the index takes into account the state of water, air, forests, agricultural practices, government policy on biodiversity, climate change, etc.

Belarus is the rating of 53rd position, Russia — 69th, Armenia — 76th, Kyrgyzstan — 79th, Azerbaijan — 84th, Moldova — 86th, Ukraine — 87th, Kazakhstan — 92 th , Tajikistan — 111 th, Uzbekistan — 144 th, Turkmenistan — 157th. A higher place among the countries — neighbors of Belarus occupied Latvia (21) and Lithuania (37). Poland in 63 th place, Estonia — on the 57th.

Leading the environmental rating Iceland, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Sweden complete — Mauritania, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone

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