Belarus — barrier drug trafficking. Detained in Gomel drug courier

Detained in Gomel Tajik armed, carrying a large shipment of heroin to Western Europe.

Belarus KGB officers and soldiers of the special forces "Alpha" was detained in Homel drug courier transporting four kilograms of heroin and a kilogram of hashish.

BelaPAN was told in the press group of the KGB in the Gomel region, this happened on December 23. According to preliminary information, the detainee — a citizen of Tajikistan, previously convicted for drug trafficking. With him and he had two passports with different data. The man was armed, trained militants in Afghanistan. Drug courier has taken serious measures of secrecy, concealment and avoiding surveillance. During the operation, Tajik held the blade in my mouth, which, according to him, was about to cut the throat of someone who would "enable them problems."

Heroin seizures — part of a large consignment of drugs, prepared to transport from Tajikistan to Western European countries, the press group.

Based on the information of the KGB in the country of origin of the drug uncovered and suppressed the activity of a network of dealers involved in the supply of heroin to Western Europe. Belarus is a transit point in the chain: Afghanistan — Tajikistan — Russia — Belarus — European Union countries. This time, it was planned to implement a drug in the Baltics.

Heroin was packaged in four packets. Each contained a kilogram of drug. Separately, was packed and pressed into the plate hashish. On each packet of heroin had a mark indicating that it was made exactly in Afghanistan. Such marks are the original quality.

This was confirmed by examination carried out at the forensic center ATC Gomel Regional Executive Committee: one kilogram of the heroin in Afghanistan is worth $ 300, in Tajikistan — 3000. In the Baltics, the cost of the seizure amounted to more than 1 million.

For a drug courier investigation department of the KGB of Belarus in Gomel region prosecuted for Part 3. 328 of the Criminal Code (trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors). Currently, the identification of the detainee initiated using Interpol databases for his involvement in the commission of the most serious crimes in the territory of the CIS.

Alain Germanovich, BelaPAN


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