Belarus substituted. Or substituted itself?

In Minsk, denied the report about Iran's Fars agency supplies from Belarus to Iran, two missile systems S-300.

The Iranian news agency Fars reported that Iran has received a 4 Russian S-300 installation, two of which came from Belarus, two — of the other two countries. Fars agency controlled by the influential power structure of Iran — Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. "Rosoboronexport" has not confirmed the information regarding the supply of these complexes Russia. Official Minsk also denied Iranian media. The representative of the State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus Vladimir Lavrenyuk told the "Freedom":

"The State Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus refutes reports circulated by August 4 on the supply of Belarusian air defense missile systems S-300 to Iran. Tehran is not addressed and negotiated the purchase of the complexes we have. And, accordingly, we do not supply any anti- missiles or elements of these systems to Iran. Our country strictly adheres to international agreements on export control. "

Vladimir Lavrenyuk not confirmed the possibility of previous supply S-300 systems to Iran.

"Actually, ever. Like I said, he never treated. Belarus itself bought anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 in 2007. From Russia they were put here. What are we going to sell their weapons? These complexes are in our arms."

Regime of Belarus plays a certain balance between Russia and the West, and therefore it would be overkill

Russian military expert Ruslan Pukhov believes that the information on the supply of S-300 from Belarus to Iran — a "purely Iranian bluff."

"The regime in Belarus plays a certain balance between Russia and the West, and therefore it would be overkill. And such supply would be pushed from Belarus, its supporters inside Russia, but the patience of the United States may finally be crowded, as Iran — it's too serious. I I do not think that the Lukashenko regime decide on it. Lukashenka also beware versions of events when NATO aircraft bombed Yugoslavia, which led to the collapse of the Milosevic regime. So it will not squander a valuable resource that you need for yourself. Besides Russia, which, under pressure from the U.S. refused to supply S-300, would not be pleased to see that their place was taken by Belarusian, and it only extracts for Belarusians chestnuts out of the fire. "

The Russian media is quite actively discussed the information spread Iranian agency. portal published an article under the headline "Iran aimed the S-300 in Russia." It notes that the relations between Iran and Russia are going through a cooling period after, as Russia supported the U.S. position on Iran over its nuclear program.

The military observer Alexander Alesin said: "Perhaps this information release was intended to cause jealousy Russia. Russia, which is building a new relationship with the United States, is trying on such sensitive issues with the United States not to interfere. But it was a failed attempt. Indeed, thereby Belarus substituted as a troublemaker sanctions against Iran. Goes information war. main thing — to inflict maximum damage on the enemy in the information war, and are all good. "


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