Belarus will do without Russian wheat


"Here there is no problems. This internal matter States. They probably felt like a rational use of available resources, saw the balance, "- said in an interview to" Interfax "M.Rusy.

The minister said that the decision of the Russian side, "we did not have any problems with Russia and Russia — with us. Would not have any problems in the internal market", — said M.Rusy.

According to the National Statistics Committee, in 2009Belarus imported from Russia of 5.6 million tons of wheat at $ 1.3 million and 1.1 million tons of barley to 125,000 dollars.

In January — June 2010 cereal imports in the country amounted to 68.2 thousand tons to 45.1 million dollars, including from Russia — 5.3 thousand tons for 4.9 million dollars.


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