Belarusian businessmen — not the richest in the CIS


Ukrainian newspaper "Delo" published a study on "The richest of the CIS." The rating included businessmen six post-Soviet republics, including Belarus and Moldova. Evaluation of wealth main business of the two republics published.

"It" has found out, in whose hands the largest in post-Soviet republics focused most reputable business assets, and with the help of experts evaluated their market value.

The largest — in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Representatives of the three countries of the former Soviet Union come up regularly

Most transparent assets compared with other countries of the Commonwealth — the Russian and Ukrainian businesses.

list of billionaires of the planet, which is an American magazine Forbes. In these countries, there are large and clear foreign business experts.

Most transparent assets compared with other countries of the Commonwealth — the Russian and Ukrainian businesses. About them the most information. Therefore, the oligarchs of the two countries regularly evaluate and Forbes, and local journalists (in the Ukraine, for example, the magazine "Correspondent" in Russian — "Finance"). In addition, the richest Russians and Ukrainians are estimated Polish edition Wprost, which until 2008 inclusive publish annually their vision of hundreds of the richest people in Eastern Europe (the representatives of other countries of the CIS in the rankings this edition did not appear).

For Russia and Ukraine in this respect pulled Georgia: twice (in 2007 and 2008) the status of ethnic Georgians (as Georgian citizens and businessmen living or doing business in other states) has assessed the Georgian newspaper The Georgian Times. Some of Georgia's business elite appears in the Forbes list as the representatives of the business of other countries (the main assets of the biggest business focus outside of Georgia). Thus, for example, Bidzina Ivanishvili involved in charity work at home and Georgian business tycoon number 1 — in Russia.

Among the Asian republics of the most transparent and clear assets — in Kazakhstan. However, even the business of the republic to local media do not appreciate. At best, you can stumble upon the scattered references to individual personalities. Ratings of the most influential people of Moldova publishes the magazine VIP-Magazine. However, to assess the state of rich media business in Moldova are not taken. Open accurate information about the top businessmen of the Republic and their assets there, rumors and scandals — more than enough. In addition, representatives of the state's richest private business in Moldova, as a rule, are scattered across different industries, often a correlation with the administrative resources of capital. Perhaps for this reason, businessmen Moldova does not fall under the scope Wprost. Timid attempts to organize information about the richest compatriots taking journalists in Belarus. List of the 100 wealthiest businessmen in Belarus last few years preparing local online newspaper

Assess the assets of the richest Belarusians yet solved only local Internet portals.

"Diary." However, estimates of the states are not given. Evaluate the assets of the richest compatriots yet solved only local Internet portals.

The total assets of the top ten business Belarus estimated at $ 1.9 billion, and the top ten businessmen Moldova — to $ 1.4 billion. For comparison, the top 10 Russian oligarchs in total have assets to $ 113 billion (estimate Forbes).

The richest Belarusians (according to the "agenda")

  • Vladimir Peftiev (Chairman of the Board "Beltechexport") — $ 1 billion
  • Vitaly Arbuzov (Chairman of the Board of Directors FENOX Automotive Somponents Gmbh) — $ 200 million
  • Alexander Moshensky (General Director of "Santa Impex Brest") — $ 150 million
  • Paul Topuzidis (Chairman of the Board "Tabak-Invest") — $ 100 million
  • Victor Shevtsov (Member of the Supervisory Board of "Trust Bank") — $ 100 million
  • Arkadiy Dobkin (President of EPAM Systems) — $ 95 million
  • Yuri Chizh (General Director of "Triple") — 90 million dollars
  • Oleg Husaenav (General Director of "Atlant-M") — 80 million dollars
  • Anatoly Ternavschi (Genpradstavnik "Yunivest" in the CIS countries) — $ 50 million
  • Sergei Kastsyuchenka (Chairman of the Board "Priorbank") — $ 50 million


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