Belarusian peacemakers will fly Liban

The decree was signed on August 2, Alexander Lukashenko, the press service of the Belarusian head of state.

Nine Belarusian troops in the UN Interim Force will help maintain international peace and security in Lebanon. They will serve as staff officers of the mission, the hospital doctors and specialists in civil-military interaction.

According to the presidential press service, the decision to send the Belarusian specialists in Liban taken on the basis of Minsk obligations arising from the accession of Belarus in 2001 to the UN Standby Arrangements System, as well as national legislation. UN standby arrangements governing the participation of member states in the UN peacekeeping operations.

Meanwhile former U.S. ambassador to Israel and Egypt Daniel Kertser in a report made to the American Council on International Affairs, predicted over the next 18 months, the Third Lebanon War.

He makes the following conclusions of two reasons: rising fears of Israel at the number and quality of arms "Hezbaly", which, as stated in the report, has become a serious threat to Israel and the militant rhetoric that is exchanged between the leaders' Hezbaly "and the Jewish state.

Earlier, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that he feared the new Israel-Lebanon war, which could have disastrous consequences. Ban Ki-moon has accused both countries in violation of UN Security Council resolution on a cease-fire. Secretary General of the accused terrorist group "Hezbollah" in the preservation of a substantial arsenal of weapons and calling on it to disarm. In turn He accused Israel of systematic violations of Lebanese airspace.


Liban, the troops

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